HCG Guidance

Here is my situation.

I was using Novarel 10,000 usp units. It came with the liquid to dilute the powder. I was taking .5cc twice a week. My doc retired and gave up her license, which means she can not issue prescriptions. I had to come up with a short term alternative.

I have in my possession 1ml solvens pro pregnyl (amp)
pregnyl gonadotrophinum chorionicum 5000 ui (amp)

How do I mix and dose this to bring it out to the same amount as the other. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is TRT related.

do you already have your vials and bac water?

no, out of ignorance I thought this would come the same way as the other. I know where to get the vials and bac water.

If you dilute a 5000iu amp with 5 mls the you have 1000ius per ml.

Or every 25iu on an insulin syringe is 250iu of hcg.

Hope that clears it up for you.

^^^ what lillguy said.

If you don’t mind me asking (you can pm me if you’d like) what is in your TRT dosing (i.e.: meds, frequency on pins, etc.)?

thnks guys for the help

layinlo info sent, any questions just ask