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HCG Got Crushed

Guys, long time member here, but not a frequent poster. Need advice.
Was going to do 500mg of test E a week for 8 weeks.
Front loaded first week with 2 shots of 500 mg each. One shot Sunday, December 2nd. Second shot on Thursday, December 6th.
Was going to do 250 units of HCG 3 times a week, but the pkg with the hcg vials got crushed, and it would take me weeks to get more.

I immediately aborted the cycle after the second shot, when I realized my hcg was wasted.
Took Aromasin 12.5 mg a day for 3 weeks.
Question #1 Should I do pct? I have enough Nolva and Clomid on hand, and understand how important pct is.

Question #2 I already ordered more hcg. How soon can I start my cycle again?

I would not do a PCT. What is your age? was this your first cycle?

[quote]niksamaras wrote:
I would not do a PCT. What is your age? was this your first cycle?[/quote]

44 years old. Did one Primo cycle years ago. First time with Test

Just jump right back on once you have what you need.

From what I understand from reading Bill Roberts material, Its time of suppression > amount of x compound used, in respect to the HPTA suppression. Hense his 2/week on 4/weeks off theory. You should be fine with no PCT. Do you notice testicular atrophy?

[quote]Cron391 wrote:
Do you notice testicular atrophy?[/quote]


Youll be good.