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Hcg for T and E on 2weeker. Mr Roberts?



I am going to have a period of 6 weeks in which I will be able to use aas. Afterwhich I will be going on a summer holiday for about a month.

I already have a low body fat approx 10% would guess, and my goals over this period are to lean up and add a small amount of quality mass.

I do not want to be shutdown or have low libido/ED when I go on holiday


I have 2x10ml vials of tren ace 100mg/ml = 2grams in total
I have 2500mg of anavar
I have 1250mg of turinabol

Originally I was going to run a 4 week cycle followed by 2 weeks pct but after reading B roberts's theory on pituatry sensitivity my ne plan is to run 2x 2week cycles with 1 week in between, and 1 week after the 2nd 2 week cycle before I go on holiday

Tren ace 200mg on both day 1 and 2, followed by 100mg ED from day 3-8
Var at 80mg ED and tbol at 40mg ED from day 1-14

Followed by clomid at 50mg ED for 7 days...

Then repeat the whole thing over once more.


I am very gyno sensitive and have pre existing pubertal gyno, so I'm very gyno-phobic.. I am however also concerned about the negative impact low E can have on my mood and libido.

I have been considering pinning 1000iu of hCG on day 7 of both 2 week cycles to improve mood, libido and recovery post cycle. But I am want to know if it is worth it for such short cycles, or will I have enough E from the off weeks to carry me through the ON weeks? I'm hoping it will because getting the hCG will end up costing me a lot more, and I've already pushed my budget with the anavar

What do you think? Should I leave the hCG out, or will it be worth forking out the extra cash?

Constructive advice is much appreciated, thanks


I wouldn't cycle if its going to be that short. Save it for when you are going to put in the work. Steroids don't make you huge in two weeks so you can look good on the beach. And if you're worried about low T and ED, depending on how old you are, it may not even be worth cycling at all. I would wait until you can do a proper cycle.


Hi my name is john.I appreciate your desire to build lean body mass and,moreover protect your endocrine system.Regarding Mr.Robert's and his thesis on 2-week on/2 weel-off.Straigh-up I personally equte that to a girl giving-you a B-J and just prior to ejaculation.Stopping and telling you to Chill-Out.I am 54 and have competed. My friend not "1" Bodybuilder in the past would,even high on coke consider that protocol.I used test Emanthate and with the longer ester you/Me only start to benefit after 1,or2 week's,so Why? stop.Why not go with the Muscle,Strength and water gain's and ride the wave to your body fail's to build.I believe you think that 2-weeker's are more healthy,but in my opinion the Endocrine system isn't a switch that we can click (on and off) just my thought's.I respect you and your thought's.P.S. doe's Mr.Robert's actually train and USE this System,or is He just a GURU. see ya john