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HCG for Newbies - Help

8 months ago I started TRT under the advice of my doctor.

Age: 35
Weight: 170 lbs.
Height: 5’9"

Previously had no libido/sex life or energy whatsoever…Under TRT the past 8 months have dramatically changed my life. I feel alive again.

My only complaint is the size of my testicles. They are very small. Just when I have this new energy/confidence, I am embarrased in the locker room or when I have sex. So much so that often when I have sex or masturbate, a testicle often ascends up into my body.

My doctor doesn’t want to start me on HCG, he says I am fine with the test. Call me vain, but (LOL) I can’t stand having balls the size of peanuts.

Anyway to get this sort of thing on the internet and take care of myself? How did other guys alleviate this problem?

Thanks for your help.
New here.

Are you in France?