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Hcg for Natural Test Increase Off Cycle


HEllo to everyone my name is jim and i am 26 years old in the past i have used AAS several times all not with great sucess because at the time i didnt know any better! As a result i have never found an apropriate PCT that includes hcg!

I always thought that i should use hcg only one week before and 1 week after the last test injection 250iu EOD as i did on my last cycle but the problem is i steel have some testicular atrophy and a decrease in libido and depresion sometimes i can see that the boys havent hang good they are in a medium size state!! to add i had a bloodwork done and test was 3.5 i dont know in what units maybe nmol/l i am not sure!!

So i was thinking in order to corect the low test production i should use some pregnyl 250iu eod for 3 weeks along with an AI like arimidex at 0.25mg eod and nolvadex 20mg/day !!

would that be enough to kick my natural test production and keep it going even after i stop hcg or it wiil create a negative loop and it wll back fire by producing estrogenic side effects???


HCG inhibits LH production both directly (as an agonist of the LH receptor) and indirectly (via increasing testosterone and thusly estradiol) and so if your low T is from still-reduced LH production, HCG is the last thing that would help there.

Or more accurately, it's not in line at all so far as being something that will help LH production.

It would be better to try just the Arimidex and Nolvadex, or Arimidex alone, and getting a blood test (it's not expensive and a prescription can be obtained online) say 2 weeks into starting any program. Don't drive E2 levels below the normal range, but the bottom end of the normal range is a good place to be.

If E2 levels are taken to low normal, Nolvadex may not be necessary.