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HCG for Mild Test E Cycle


Hey guys,
This is my second cycle with a D-bol only cycle at about 21 whick was not smart I know but I am now 23 and am ready to do a 10 week cycle of test E at 300mg per week from weeks 1-10 with weeks 1-4 20-30mg of Dbol to kick start my cycle.

My diet is solid getting about 140 to 170 grams of protein per day through meat, fat free dairy products such as cottage cheese and yogurt, whey, and the list goes on. I have cut almost all fatening foods out of my diet and am extremely lean...I weigh 160 lbs and have about 6% bodyfat if not less from both my gentics and my training and diet.

I have been lifting since age 15 while I was in high school and have gained about 20 lbs of muscle and have been on a horrible plateu. Supplemets I have been running are Opti Men vitamins, fish oil, optimum nutrition serious mass gainer, n.o. xplode, ZMA's, bcaa and some creatine.

This is my second cycle with a D-bol only cycle at about 21 which was not smart I know but I am now 23 and am ready to do a 10 week cycle that looks like this:

Week 1-4( 20 to 30mg ED Dbol)
Week 1-10( 300mg Test E 1 inj. Per week)
PCT will be 40/40/20/20 and possibly throwing some clomid in there as well.
Will have arimidex incase I need it especially if I do have the HCG on cycle which is neccesary to have when cycling with HCG.

I've done hours of forum reading because unlike the last cycle I want to do this one right. My question to you all is do I need the hcg as well? HCG I have been doing a lot of homework on about and it seems very crucial to have,however, I also read it needs to be refrigerated. If this is the case and there's no way out of referigeration is there something I could run such as a Tbooster like HCGenerate on cycle to help with my natty test production?

I'm concerned about the referigeratiion because I have no where to referigerate it unfortunately. Or would I be ok with no hcg and sticking to a solid pct when coming off? Lastly would I experience testicular atrophy on a 10 week Dbol, Test E cycle I will be doing? Haven't found to many experiences when users have had much on a pretty mild cycle.

Not going to be offended and open to suggestions and critique anything that is not something that you guys don't feel is right.


i really dont see the need to run hcg with the cycle you proposed. I ran it on my last cycle to "just see" how things went. Personally, I had no testicular shrinkage and I feel it did make my pct a little easier. However I did experience the worse back acne I have ever had the last 2 weeks while on. I have very few side if any while on cycle.

Going forward I probably wont run hcg again unless I do 3 compound stack that really shts me down. Hcg has to be refrigerated after re constitution. Dont even bother if you cant keep it cold. Unless you plan on running high dose test/tren/mast cycle or something just hang onto it until you're older and more experienced and have your own fridge to keep your stuff.

Oh yeah you dont need the clomid "here and there"either. just stick with the the nolva 40/40/20/20 and run and AI during cycle so you dont look too wet and sloppy.


Ok man that's good to know I won't be running the hcg..how many mg of test were you shooting a week?


It's natural for your testes to shrink on cycle, but should resume normal size after cycle.


How much shrinkage would I experience?


It's hard to say exactly, but 33%. ??


So noticeable but not crazy in atrophy for a cycle like this? Enough for me to notice tho?


You might notice, you might not.
It shouldn't matter though as they will return to normal size after cycle.

Don't bother with the hcg as I believe that you do not need it.

And 300mg of test will give you a boost, but 'standard practice' is 500mg/week. And at that dosage make rubbing a cycle really worth it for the benefits of AAS, whilst limiting the sides of running higher amounts.


So 500 lookin good for me I see...thinkin more in the range of 400 or 500 now I've been told a few times to bump it up...would this require me to inject 250x2 per week? Haven't done all my homework on that dosage amount.