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HCG For Low Test?

In this forum and in relevant contexts, hCG is discussed mostly with respect to its potential for re-normalizing testicular size and function during and after steroid cycles. But does hCG alone have the potential to enhance or up-regulate normal test levels? Does any drug?

I’ll add that I’ve tried more supplements than I can count. Nothing’s made much of a difference, though I must admit, TRIBEX did seem to increase, at least to some degree, my test levels when I used it last year - no actual tests to substantiate this, but I noticed subtle increases in energy, recovery times and even chest hair growth.

I’d really appreciate any relevant information or insights from other folks around here.


I should add that I’d be interested in information regarding choosing an endocrinologist and beginning the process of hormone testing.


You can get blood work done on your own and know something before you see docs. When you do see them, hand them a copy and you can get from A to B much faster.

You need TT, FT, E2, PSA… optionally LH and FSH.

hCG in TRT with 250iu SC EOD dosing does not make testicles larger, but stops them from becoming smaller.

If the testes are not overly aged and are LH responsive, hCG will lead to more T. But often not to ‘therapeutic’ levels. More of an option for younger guys who have stopped producing enough LH.

If you have to inject hCG, you can easily add test ester injections. Using a transdermal to avoid injections in that case would be silly.

You need a doc who will do T+AI+hCG with self injecting.

Thanks so much for the information, KSman.

I would be interested in getting blood work done on my own, in order to get things moving faster, and also for the sake of taking some control of the process.

Do you have any recommendations for testing options? I live just a few blocks away from a Quest office, but I’ve always assumed they - and other such places - require orders from a doc. Can I just walk into a place like that and request specific blood work?

Thanks again,