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HCG for Keeping Testicular Size

Read all articles about hcg while on trt (test Cyp) i thought . Can you keep testicular size while only injecting hcg mon wed fri of first week of every month ? What blood work would you and how often ?

The reason I ask , this is a mid west trt doc’s protocol . If no replies . ok

I inject test once a week on Fridays, and HCG on Mondays and Wednesday’s. Seems to keep them hanging low :+1:

That’s a new one. I don’t think it would hurt to try. Usually, after several months, or even years, on TRT, testicular size bounces back in a couple of weeks, or even after a week.

The usual TRT follow-up labs. Frequency depends on the individual. Six weeks in, maybe three to four months after that, every six months to a year after that.

I think you missed understood . Only one week of hcg a month

High pull always a pleasure , If understood , no hcg 2 years on TRT then hcg and testi rebound . Sorry if I seem ignorant you all I appreciate this community …

I was on TRT for four years and I would say testicular size doubled around one week to ten days after hCG.

Wow , thank you for input .