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HCG for Hypogonadism?


HCG 5000 IU (yes, no???)


That’s how much comes in a normal bottle. You need to read the stickies on normal HPTA recovery for how to use it.


No, HCG 250IU EOD.

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I did well on HCG 500 IU EOD - got my total Test to 960 but I didn’t feel as good as taking regular Testosterone. you need to watch estrogen too - HCG will jack it way up. I would think 250 EOD is a good starting dose to see if the Testes are working - and is a good level to maintain when taking T as well.


ok, I have 5000 IU HCG… what do you think if I use 0,05ml for 250 IU

1ml = 5000 IU
0,1ml = 500 IU
0,05 ml= 250 IU… right?


Yes - that’s right


I injected 250 IU yesterday and I had panic attacks and palpitations…

what could I do?

before inject I have next result:

LH 2,63 e/l (0,8-7,6 e/l)
FSH 1,37 e/l (0,7-11,1 e/l)
prolactin 9,2 microg/L (2,5-17 microg/L)
estradiol 0,33 nmol/l (0,00-0,21 nmol/l)
feritin 159 microg/L (28-365 microg/L)
tsh 1,63 mE/L ( 0,5-4,78 mE/L)
t4 14,85 pmol/L (11,5-22,7 pmol/L)
t3 5,32 pmol/L (3,5-6,5 pmol/L)
cortisol 444 nmol/L (138-690 nmol/L)
progesteron 1,39 nmol/L (0,86-2,9 nmol/L)
vitamin D3 42,7 nmol/L (75-200 nmol/L) LOW
estosterone free 32 pmol/L (31,0-94,0 pmol/L)
testosterone 12,6 nmol/L (8,8-30,6 nmol/L)
SHBG 44,6 nmol/L (13-71 nmol/L)


Uh, considering that likely none of us here are doctors, and the few doctors possibly amongst us will not give advice over the internet, your best bet is to go to a qualified doctor, preferably a urologist with a fellowship in andrology, a true expert on the male reproductive system. That’s who I go to.

With that said, you might need more to see if 5,000 IU per week is enough to bring your T values to normal. When I wanted to become fertile, I used 9,000 IU per week (3,000 IU three times per week) and this did not bring my T values up to above 400 ng/dl, a level at which I don’t feel good. Some men need up to 10,000 IU per week to treat hypogonadism without T.

When I went back to T at 100 mg per week and 500 IU thrice per week, my sperm count was still weak. Then we went up to 1000 IU thrice per week with 100 mg T per week, my sperm count increased sevenfold. Since then my wife has been pregnant three times (two miscarriages though) and we are expecting our first baby in August.

In all my time on T alone and T with HCG I have had not one problem with estradiol and I think most men don’t encounter this problem despite the alarmism over estradiol and Leydig cell shutdown. I use 3000 IU HCG for almost two years now with no “shutdown”. If anything my T values hover around high normal (800 to 900 and change) and I am now fertile. I have never needed am AI. My E usually is in the 40s and many men feel fine below 50.

Again, until you go to a doctor specializing in reproduction, you’re just doing some random shotgun approach and self-medication.


how is with arimidex between HCG? 0,5-1mg on week?
what do you think @KSman


I do not understand the question.


If I need arimidex on HCG? I have now HCG 250 iu EOD… what do you think if I use 0.5-1mg Arimidex EOD?


the same time arimidex and hcg?


The panic and anxiety were likely from the HCG rapidly increasing your estrogen. I had the same issues at first. What were you running before this? It could have an effect. Regarding Arimidex, everyone is different but .5mg every other day is a common dose. You can take it on the same day as the HCG.


ok, I will take 0,25mg EOD…

how in the end after 4-6 weeks? stop hCG and Arimidex, and then continue just with Nolvadex 20mg EOD or continue on Arimidex 0,25mg EOD and Nolvadex 20mg EOD?


How to end?

Are you looking for a HPTA restart? See that sticky.

Your E2 was high before starting hCG.
Higher E2 makes SHBG elevated.
TT was low
FT was low

You had estrogen dominance. If you cannot fix that HPTA restart will not work.
Please have AST/ALT tested. Your liver is not clearing E2 effectively.
Did you read those stickies???


yes, I looked for restart HPTA.

Now I’m on HCG 250 IU EOD and 0,25mg AI EOD for 4-6 weeks then test TT,FT,E2

after then 20mg Nolvadex EOD for 4-6 weeks, then 10mg for 1 week, 5mg for 1 week… and stop… is this OK?

how is with AI? Could I eat Nolva and AI together the same time after 4-6 weeks HCG?

S-ALT 0,44 (to 0,74 microcat/L),
S-AST 0,38 (to 0,58 microcat/L)


You should use Nolvadex and anastrozole together. Nolvadex increases E2, anastrozole decreases Ed.

Read the HPTA restart stick again if you have any doubts. Your plan looks good, but there is more to it than that.


Nolvadex increases E2?.. Nolvadex blocks E2, Arimidex prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen…


@KSman do you mybe know why I get erectile dysfunction after I ate fat burner Animal Cuts? Do you know this product? When I stopped with this my testosterone went down, gonadotropin went down, E2 up…

I have this situation almost 4 years…


Partly correct. SERMs block estrogens in Selected tissues, not all tissues. To protect other tissues, you need an AI to keep E2 levels friendly.