HCG for fertility question

I’ve recently added Hcg to my trt protocol for fertility reasons. I’ve been taking it now for 3 months. I’ve not noticed much difference at all to testicular size.

I’ve been reading online and have read once reconstituted it should be stored in the fridge. My dr didn’t tell me this and no where on the product information does it say this either (gonsai hcg). I’ve been storing it at room temperature. Have I wasted the last 3 months? Got some more coming tomorrow which I will be refrigerating :man_facepalming:

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HCG must be refrigerated once it’s reconstituted! HCG can be stored at room temperature as long as it’s not reconstituted.


What dose was you using?

Yea I’m hoping that’s why I’ve not seemed to have responded yet …

500 IU M/W/F (+ test E)

It doesn’t bring back much size for all. I’ve used HCG for eight years and it did nothing for reversing testicular atrophy.

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Oh that’s interesting … I mean I don’t care about that - I just want to get the wife pregnant. Figured that would be a sign of it working, interesting that wasn’t the case for you. Was thinking of doing a sperm test now it’s been three months, but since discovering I’ve been storing it wrong I might wait a bit …

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You can refer to the HCG thread.

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