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HCG for 2 week cycles

I have read all t-mag articles…but I cannot decide if I need any HCG for 5 back-to-back 2 week cycles, or clomid would suffice. what about 2-3 1500 IUs after cycle 3?
thank you.

With the 2 on / 4 off cycle, there is no need
for HCG if Clomid is used in the first two
to four off weeks. (If Clomid is not used
during the on weeks, because nothing is
being used which could cause gyno, then
it can be used for all four off weeks: if
Clomid is used during the on weeks, I’d
rather see it used only during the first
two off weeks but if only two or three
cycles are being done, it can be used

This is because LH production is higher
than normal while off and on Clomid, so
the “averaged out” result with the on
weeks is more or less normal and in any
case, observation shows that a year of
cycles can be done back to back with
zero testicular shrinkage.