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HCG: Flushed Face

Has anyone ever experienced redness in the face from HCG? I take the recommended 250iu eod along w 120mg of test each week (2 injections). It could be from another medication but I haven’t seemed to be able to drill down on anything else. Thanks for sharing any experience. This was never an issue for me until about 6 months ago.

Maybe, increased E2, or RBCs. Labs would help.

I also have this…no big deal in summer but now that its winter I’m constantly making excuses.

Are you sure of the quality of the HCG?
You can always just stop injecting it. It is not required for your TRT. It takes many weeks to months for issues with your testis without HCG.
You got to start someplace just make sure you only change one thing at a time.

I got that reaction. Stopped after 2 injections. No more hcg for Me.

You can stop hcg for a week and see if it helps.

That’s what I will likely try then. I’m only 40 and may have more children so I’m trying to keep the boys alive ya know. But it seems like it can’t hurt to go 7-10 days without and see how I respond.


Holy crap I started getting this after the third week, flushed face and general tiredness. How long did it take to stop after discontinuing hcg

For me, 10-14 days. Removing HCG allowed me to dial in the simple formula of test mg and AI that works best for me. Adverse effects from HCG were preventing this. I feel much better now. For what it is worth, I can’t take anastrozole either. I have to take exemestane as AI.

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No kidding so you did narrow it down to the HCG being the source of the issue. How are you feeling now?? I still have mild burning and brain fog 4dd after last shot of hcg 500mcg, holding till sides stop.

Also why exemestanse vs aromasin? Thanks! Glad it worked out!

There are the same thing drug, one is generic. I do better on aromasin as well, a small percentage of a single pill.

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I feel great now. I figured it out by simplifying protocol and process of elimination. For me, 160mg of test each week w 6.25mg of exemestane is effective. I’m concerned about fertility but will tackle that after additional consistency.

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You’vd used armidex with problems then?

I will never take anastrozole again, it always ends with estrogen very low. I have never and probably will never crash estrogen, I can take large doses and still have estrogen in my system.

I always recovered from low estrogen very fast.

Thought I’d leave an update- turns out that the HCG was causing these issues. Once I stopped hcg, it took about 2 weeks for burning skin sensations to go away.

Now, I’m taking just test E 100mg twice a week and doing well. I also decided to have my sperm frozen as peace of mind in case fertility becomes an issue. It’s around $300 per year to store it.

I was using brand name Pregnyl HcG, and I plan to re initiate it at very low dose to see if I can utilize it. My balls haven’t shrunk yet and I’m doing well at this dose with no needs for AI.

I’ll update later when I retrial generic hcg starting with a 50 unit dose to test sensitivity probably in a month or so.

Apparently hcg hypersentitivy is rare but that is what the issue was.

That’s great to hear. Glad you’re on the right track. A follow up question is are you taking 200mg total per week or 100mg per week broken into 2 injections? 200mg with no A.I. is on the high side but good for you if you can do it wo an AI. I’m on 136mg per week w no AI, no HCG and it’s working great. No headaches, no water retention, great sleep, libido, and fit as ever.

Sub q?

No. Intramuscular

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@2cupsandastring Hey man I’m wondering if you know of any way to counteract the redness/hypersensitivity. due to pituitary surgery I have to replace testosterone and I prefer HCG to keep fertility in check and teste size normal. but the redness is driving me insane.

I went a month without HCG because of insurance problems and the redness was completely gone, and after three injections over the course of 5 days it’s back with full force.

any advice?

Unfortunately I don’t. I had to quit HCG and go to testosterone only. After labs we realized I had to increase my testosterone if not taking HCG. My balls are tiny but I’m dialed in at 140mg per week and I’ve never felt better!