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HCG Fat Loss Protocol


I'll attempt to be as brief as I can, I read through the estrodial post, but since I'm not on any of those meds I'm not certain what they all mean. Here's what I've been doing currently, what the doctor has for me, and what I'll be doing in the future. However, you all seem to have a much greater pulse of what's going on I'm asking for questions and research I can do before I see the doctor again in a few weeks.

I've been doing a low calorie diet using 300 IU of HCG daily. I've been working out doing mainly workout designed for fatloss such as afterburn II and warp speed fatloss.

The diet calls for 500 Kcal per day, however being a powerlifter and at 6'1" and 320 pounds, I needed a bit more protein. My Kcal per day were roughly 1000-1500. The results after 6 weeks were a drop of 33 pounds without a real decrease in my strength or muscle mass.

The past 3 weeks (weeks 5-8), my weight loss slowed to about 5 pounds in 3 weeks. I'll be on the daily HCG injections for another 4 weeks and then I'll be off maintaining my body weight for about 4-6 weeks before I hit the weight loss again.

I've also been diagnosed with insulin resistance and I'm taking two supplements to correct the problem, they are working as the fat around my hips and belly are decreasing.

My doctor hasn't done any hormone tests on me. How would I go about getting more tests done? Which tests should I ask for?

Thanks in advance.


How do you intend to restart your own testosterone at the end of the HCG cycle?


Out of curiosity, what are the two supplements? ALA and chromium picolinate? If so, in what doses?


google that on your own time



Double blind placebo controlled studies showed that hCG was no better than a placebo. It is the low calories that has the effect. Stupid shit like this is making hCG unavailable for those who have real needs for it.

If T is low, TRT can restore some insulin sensitivity.


There's no possible way I could google what HE'S specifically taking, KSMan. Which, y'know, is why I asked HIM.

I know the typical supplements for increasing insulin sensitivity. I was curious which ones he'd been told to take, and in what amounts.

I deeply respect your knowledge and expertise in the area of TRT, but that was a bit uncalled for, frankly.


Diaxonal and Insinase by Metagenics.


Didn't know that I had to, I'll need to ask the Doctor about this.


TRT stands for what? How long does this take?


Be aware HCG will stop your body producing the hormones that make your testes produce testosterone. When you finish you may "crash" ie have no testosterone in your body. This can take a long time to start back back especially if you were not producing much to start with.

TRT - testosterone replacement therapy - it is what men do when they do not produce enough testosterone themselves - inject, use gels etc


You appeared to be stating that you did not know what "ALA and chromium picolinate" were, hence my response. Sorry...


I know what the studies showed with HCG and diet. I knew about that before I signed on for the treatment. However, I do know that HCG helped my fatloss greatly. There were days when I felt full all day because my body was burning it's own fat for fuel. It seems the definate sweet spot for me was about 6 weeks on the treatment, since then I have plateaued. Also in those studies I didn't see them indicate that if diet alone the person lost a greater ratio of lean mass to fat than if under HCG.

I guess I'm glad it worked and I'm wanting to go another round to see if I can drop about 25-30 more pounds before I'm done.

What are other hormone tests that I should look into?


TT, FT [or Bio-T], serum E2 [not total estrogens], TSH, fT4

The male panel at LEF.org is a good start.

Low thyroid levels can cause weight gain and many other problems... as well as lowering T.


Thanks, I'll let the doctor know. He already tested me for Thyroid and I'm good on that. I'll let you know how the rest of the HCG protocol goes for me. I have 4 weeks left to go.


I agree with KSman about the tests that should be run. I also believe you should ask your doctor to run AM and PM cortisol levels if possible. These tests verify function of the adrenals, and if your adrenals are "insufficient" so will everything be too. Thyroid, etc.
I know of a female that had BELOW the bottom range score for AM Cortisol and rock bottom for PM cortisol too.
She did the HCG diet for 40 days, and a two months after she stopped the HCG shots, her AM and PM cortisol levels shot up to mid high range on the tests. Mid high from basically zero, what a concept huh?
She was insulin resistant, taking metformin, and had high cholesterol as well as high fasting glucose before the HCG diet.
It's been four months now since the diet ended; she has kept off 23 of the 28 pounds she lost while on the diet, her fasting blood sugar is now normal and she no longer takes metformin. Her LDL cholesterol is still an issue, but her triglycerides are in the low bottom of the range now too.

I'm quite sure none of her results are coincidence, but your mileage may vary...


Anybody ever have experience with magnesium oil or nascent iodine? There's a company called ancient minerals and also a testimonial from Mike Mahler the kettlebell guru.

Here's the blurb off of Mike Mahler's website.

DHEA is a critical hormone for stress management and balancing the actions of the stress hormone cortisol. DHEA also acts as a back up reserve for testosterone production. Depleted levels of DHEA adversely affect testosterone levels.

Oral forms of magnesium do not increase DHEA levels. I do not have to take Dr Deanâ??s word for it as I know for a fact that magnesium oil increases DHEA levels. Over a year ago I was telling my health practitioner friend Rosemary that my DHEA levels were on the low end of normal. I have tried DHEA supplements in the past and never received a significant increase in DHEA levels. Moreover, I was always reluctant to take exogenous forms of hormones as they inevitably shut down your own production. I rather maximize natural production wherever possible. Rosemary recommended that I give magnesium oil a shot as it successfully increased her DHEA level dramatically. After two months I had my saliva checked and my DHEA measured at 618.5 pg/ml (reference range 72-500 pg/ml)! Before the magnesium oil I was at 250 pg/ml so that is quite an increase. The DHEA also spilled over into a nice testosterone boost, as my free testosterone levels measured at 181.7 pg/ml reference range is 30-142pg/ml! The increase in DHEA also resulted in an increase in androstendione which is a hormone that helps balance the negatives of the hormone DHT. Thus in addition to ramping up DHEA levels, magnesium oil is an all around hormone optimizer.

The hormone optimizing benefits of magnesium oil are not the only benefits. According to Dr Dean, â??when you are under serious physical and even emotional stress, your body may not be producing a sufficient stomach acid, which is required for digestion and for chemically changing magnesium into an absorbable form.â?? In other words, when you are stressed your ability to absorb and utilize oral forms of magnesium is compromised. Fortunately, magnesium lotion is applied topically and does not have to deal with the GI tract. The benefits of magnesium are numerous. However, you actually have to absorb the magnesium to derive maximum benefit (or for many any benefit) so why even bother chancing it with oral magnesium? Magnesium Oil is inexpensive and should be part of your health routine today.


Come on. Is nobody familiar with Magnesium Oil? I'm going to give this a shot.


I do know that HCG helped my fatloss greatly. There were days when I felt full all day because my body was burning it's own fat for fuel.

forgive me,but this is still going around with website after bs website..lol HCG in powder..pill..(which niether are stable) ,so,It helped your fat loss greatly,thats great,any proof..any pics..ill say to you ,as I said to those on all the HCG boards..show me 1 shred of proof..before pics..after..and proof..ZERO excists..the stupid KT idea of the body is tricked to feed the fetus(but since your not pregant) ,it feeds you by pulling fat out of as they call it 'fat pockets' trapped fat..Im sorry..but to F'in funny...speicla fat.he even claims..lol

DR.SIMMIONS himself said no differnce in low cal diet with HCG,but the difference they did not get as hungry..if you kids wanna laugh real hard..to some of the HCG message boards..lol 15lbs in 3 days..50lbs in 3 weeks..lol and most claim they take the HCG pill which is 100% fake,and in no way is stable.lol good luck to you.and this is not an attack on you..you can do as you chose..


The HCG message boards. They are a hoot! The people are like a voodoo cult. If you dare question the food choices or combinations they get all angry and defensive. I remember when I was trying to figure out what this 500 KCAL diet meant and I asked a person about the ratio of grams of protein/fat/and carbs. They couldn't give me an answer. My weightloss has been phenomonial. Here's what I experienced.

Day 1 weight 320 pounds
Day 28 weight 290 pounds -- That's a pound a day and I was consuming 1200-1500 Kcals per day and taking 225-250 g of Protein per day.
Day 29-37 I dropped 5 pounds and I bounced around the scale between 285-290. I dropped my Kcals down to 1000 per day with 400-500 Kcals consumed during my workout. When I weighed in at the doctor's office I was 294 on day 37.
Day 38-50 I dropped 7 pounds. When I weighed in at the doctors office I was 287. My morning weights were still consistent.
Day 50-53 no change
Day 54 I gained weight to 290.
Day 55 weigh in 285
Day 56 weigh in 280
Day 57 weigh in 278
Day 58 weigh in 275!
Day 59 - present (day 62) no change.

That's about it,

more later


I hate to admit it but I lost about 75 pounds doing the HCG diet. I was not hungry and according to my scale I kept all my muscle.....I do get my HCG for HRT already so for those who want to complain about the dieters screwing it up for the others, nothing else worked for me. I did use all protein shakes for it though, I am sure they (HCG boards) would freak out about that as well. Take it for what it's worth but I am no longer on cpap, blood pressure or asthma meds.