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HCG Extremely Painful During Injections


Hey Guys,

It's me complaining again...I was hoping that I could get some advice on injecting HCG.

I'm injecting 0.5mL of 1000IU/mL 2x/week. I'm using a 1mL insulin syringe. Since it is such a short needle, I decided to put it in my abs. Oh my God - the first time it KILLED. It's like I could feel every single molecule spreading into the area like little knives. I had been refrigerating it so I thought maybe it was because I didn't warm it up enough. So this time, I drew up the volume into the syringe hours in advance and then let it sit at room temperature to be 100% sure that it was warmed.

I injected into my abs again on the other side - OH MY GOD. Knives!!!!

It is seriously excrutiating during the injection (and it's only 0.5mL!!!) but afterwards it's fine.

So what am I doing wrong here? Obviously it's not a question of temperature.

These are some of my thoughts:

  1. Injecting it into the abdominal muscles is a bad idea. The problem here is that since it is a small needle (I think it's 1/2") I don't have a lot of options for IM where the muscle is close enough to the surface of the skin.

  2. Use a longer needle and place it into my ass. Problem here is that my Prop and Mast gear is already painful enough going into my ass so I'm trying to reserve that area.

  3. I have read somewhere that I can inject the HCG subcutaneously instead of IM. This is a possibility that I could try BUT I am hesitant since the label clearly states that it should go IM.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe the solvent for the HCG is just painful by nature and I will have to endure the pain twice a week.



You injected into the abdominal MUSCLE? What made you think that was a good idea?

You say that there aren't many places for you to inject IM "where the muscle is close enough to the skin". If you have less fat over your abs than you do by your shoulders or VG then you are a strange male when it comes to fat distribution.

You can inject in sub cutaneously if you want. But such a small volume is no problem to do IM in the accepted injection sites.


As bonez said. Stick with the basic sites, they are tried and true. Quad, delt, glute, v glute...and just keep on rotating.


I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that a lot of other readers would say that their abdominal muscles are closer to the surface of their skin than their shoulders. I don't think it's that strange. There isn't a big difference but really, when it comes to my upper abs it is just skin over muscle. That's why I thought it was a good idea with such a short needle.

But anyway, I will take your advice and try a different site and see if that helps my cause.


I did it about an inch below my belly button. Pinch a inch and hit it.

You say prop hurts so it may just be you.

I haven't done mast yet but prop didn't hurt...



Regarding the Prop (and Mast), neither one hurt going in. The sites were sore in my ass afterwards and my leg swelled up like a balloon. However, I will be updating that other thread - my leg has actually improved a lot. I just had to give it time like you all said. I have a feeling that it was just a bad injection in my leg - maybe I hit something. Anyway, I will be avoiding my legs from now on. As Brook said (I think it was Brook), nothing is as debilitating as a bad injection in a quad (or something along those lines) and I tend to agree.


I think what BONEZ217 was saying is, don't inject into the ab muscle...inject sub cutaneously...into the fat...at least that is what I was told to do. No pain at all.


Yes I was alluding to that. People don't inject AAS into their ab muscles, at least I've never heard of that.


I get the same pain. Your solvent was regular bacteriostatic water I assume? Ive been told its because of this. Not sure why. If we had access to saline, I believe this wouldn't be a problem. Either way, its nothing to worry about. Yes, it blows.


HCG stings. There's not much getting around it.

I have injected HCG subq and IM and I notice no difference between the two. I believe there was a study that showed slightly more effectiveness with IV administration compared to subq, but it was done on test subjects that are not easily extrapolated to our situation (I can't remember now what the difference was, though, maybe one group was obese). Anyway, either way is fine, I think, but yeah, quit injecting IM into your abs. I've never heard of that done ever and there's almost certainly a reason for that.

I do all of my IM water-solution based shots into my quads (as I don't shoot my AAS there, presently). No problems.


No, in my experience of a trained human body - of which i have plenty - i would say that of a abdominal skinfold, they have always had more fat there than at the arm or shoulder.


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It doesn't hurt me..

Saying that i have used a fair bit these days, however when i first used it i do remember it did sting.


I did it about an inch below my belly button. Pinch a inch and hit it.

You say prop hurts so it may just be you.

I haven't done mast yet but prop didn't hurt...



Closed that account. I don't like the history of PM's being stored. :wink:


Whoa, right into the abs? I've been doing HCG for a year and a half, almost, and I always shoot SQ into the bellyfat with an insulin syringe. NEVER hurts.


Yes - I have decided to try it SQ around my belly button next time (which should be tomorrow or the next day). Shit I am so apprehensive now though because of the pain the last 2 times. I mean it was f'ing excrutiating - have you seen the end of braveheart where he gets tortured?

By the way somebody asked me above what the solvent was - looks like a sodium phosphate solution (NaH2PO4, Na2HPO4).


Okay - I went SQ into the bellyfat today and it was slightly better but it still stung quite a bit. I have a feeling that the solvent is slightly acidic.

Anyway, I would take that acute pain over the pain that the "bad chicken" was causing me for days following an injection.


I use bacteriostatic water...and don't really feel anything.


diesucka - it's gotta be whatever the dilutent is! My HCG gets mixed with bacteriostatic water - there is no pain at all!

Hope you figure it out!