HCG Expiry and Test/Deca Cycle

HCG kept in fridge/freezer for a very long time (~3 years), still sealed vial and unmixed. Is it still good to use ? no expiry date on the label.

Test 600mg/wk for 12 weeks and deca 300mg/wk for 8-9 weeks.

Probably? But hcg is cheap. Probably worth it to just buy a new kit and know for certain rather than hoping that the old one works. Hope is rarely a good strategy.

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I ran out of hcg once on tren/test worst nut pain I ever had nuts shrank like grapes fast… not worth it over a few bucks…order sum hcg

Seriously? I’ve never had any noticeable atrophy on TRT or cycling. I guess we are all different.

Oh yea felt like Mayweather used my nards as a speed bag. but that was Tren but its also a nan so might hit the same way…Idk Im running my first npp cycle soon but I dont play I order HCG in 5 packs #neveragain

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