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HCG & Exemestane (Aromasin)


Need a bit of advice on HCG:

I am taking 100mg Test P EOD, and 50mg Proviron & 12.5mg Exemestane ED. I am currently in my third week & still waiting on bacteriostatic water to get started with HCG.

My question is, when I start HCG will I need to up the Exemestane dose to maybe 25mg ED, and/or start taking tamoxifen? I feel that I may be more prone to gyno so I'll need to play it safe



Keep the HCG dose low and you won’t need to up the Aromasin. People go way overboard with HCG.


If save the hcg and run it next cycle.


[quote]BUDs wrote:
If save the hcg and run it next cycle.[/quote]


You’re running a short test prop cycle.

Save the HCG for a heavier cycle.


Cheers fellas.

The bac water came the day after I posted this so I had already started the hcg before I saw the advice here. I’m keeping it low - 100IU ED