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HCG Effects When Used Alone?

What would happen to someone who only used HCG?

Would this disrupt FSH?

How much beyond natural levels could one produce?

Plenty of guys out there are on heavy HCG doses for fertility purposes. None of those guys really report any substantial improvement to their lives except being able to father a child.
This is not going to make you lose weight like its claimed or temporarily boost your T levels into the stratosphere. HCG costs more and gives less since it does aromatase into Estrogen at a higher, faster rate. What are you trying to accomplish? Lots of folks will come up with just about anything to avoid an IM needle. That’s why I ask.

yes, thinking of alternatives to shutdown from trt. I would love to keep things intact with a healthy boost.

So get on a low dose of T and supplement with HCG like some of do. This keeps your balls online which provides some natural T along with what you inject weekly. You wont get far with HCG mono.

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does it preserve all the function of them? just thinking of the risk for function shutting down for a long time.

How expensive is enough to keep things online?

Short answer, the amount of HCG needed to get a significant gain in T would cause far more shitty side effects than the minor amount of testosterone needed to achieve the same. It’s really apples and oranges.

Every last person I’ve read about trying HCG monotherapy eventually gives up on it.

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It preserves their function and makes it easier to get the HPT axis into action if you decide to come off TRT and do a PCT for a restart. It can keep you somewhat fertile but the point is that they wont atrophy or go offline for years which could lead to a no restart situation, or maybe not. HCG can be costly or less expensive depending on how you acquire it. I dont have pricing for you.

Right. I do not know if the dose affects price through insurance.

No FSH is fine to preserve function?

HCG is suppressive, it’s “replacing” LH. A SERM would increase LH & FSH but come with other side effects.

You can look into Natesto, a nasal gel with a very short HL that is said to not cause as much HPGA suppression.

For HCG you may not get it covered by insurance at all. Mine covers literally everything TRT related besides HCG

Maybe not…

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