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HCG Effects on Primary vs Secondary Hypogonadism for Preserving Fertility

I plan I starting my own TRT log where I’ll post my info/labs when I get more Injections under my belt, but long story short I was diagnosed with primary hypogonadism just recently and am on week 2 of TRT just 100 mg/week divided into 2 injections. My doc is a complete idiot when it comes to TRT, saying things like “it’s fine don’t worry about it you can just adopt” and “testosterone only rarely has en effect on sperm” when I bring up concern about fertility and how I want to start HCG.

Eventually either I’ll get HCG from him or find another doc, but in the meal time does anyone know how HCG effects thoes with primary vs secondary hypogonadism? I’m having a hard time finding any research on this, but some guys here were saying how if if primary LH/FSH and sperm as a result will be more preserved compared to someone with secondary. But then again TRT shuts down the HPTA axis so maybe the distinction Is not sent all that important.

I want to know to get a ballpark of how much time I have before I really need to get on hcg before too much “damage” is caused without It. Having kids in 6-10ish years is definitely somthing I want to do. Thanks

The majority of doctors when TRT is concerned are idiots and say the darndest things which hints at a failure or purposeful ignorance within the medical community, in short generic testosterone cypionate (no patents) is dirt cheap to produce and investors are uninterested in shoveling money at hormones therapies in a world where prescription drugs (Viagra) dominate the pharmaceutical industry.

So the chances of you finding a knowledgeable doctor within your insurance network is slim to none, you may have to seek private care from someone who has been doing TRT for a long time.

Stupid Things That Docs Do and Say

Yeah I was baffled at tome of the things he said, my favorite being “we can try TRT for a few months maybe that will make things better”. Yikes, time to find a new doc asap.

So if HCG is not worth it now becuse of my case of primary, should I wait until my fiancé and I want to have kids and then start with FSH, HMG, SERMs, etc? Also if there is the change that HCG will prevnebt atrophy down there that would be nice. I do plan to get a SA asap as well.