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Hcg ED, Testosterone EOD. Feeling Great

Starting protocol
100mg test cyp E3.5D
500 iu Hcg E3.5D
.5mg anastrozole E3.5D
First shot felt nothing. Second shot felt like superman but it was overwhelming until I took the second dose of anastrozole which made me feel like shit. At this point I decided to change the protocol that was recommended by the anti aging clinic where I got it. But they are obviously all about money and want me to use as much as I can as fast as I can. Anyway new protcol.
32mg test cyp EOD
100 iu hcg ED
One week in feel great! Not overwhelmed and libido is though the roof! No ups and downs. Energy for days. Haven’t felt this good ever. I highly recommend this protocol. Thanks to this site and couple others I was able to figure this shit out. Just wanted to thank everyone. Keep it up. Your helping alot of people who don’t know wtf they’re doing.

Great to hear your doing so well. I hate to ruin your vibe, but it’s more likely than not that your E2 is going to rise and undo all these benefits. My guess is that in about 4 weeks your going to wonder wtf happened? Keep the AI handy…

I agree with Nashtide. Your e2 MAY need to be controlled in the future. It may not. After you stabilize, get some labs done in a couple of months and see where you’re at or sooner if you begin to experience edema/water retention, become emotional/wheepy/cry over things you normally wouldn’t etc. Those are indications most experience when e2 becomes high.

These days I crash my e2 even taking 1/4 mg EOD. Below is the protocol I’ve found suits me best.

I inject 50 mg test cyp EOD, 250 iu’s hCG Mon & Fri and 1/8mg anastrazole EOD at time of injection.

I agree with the others keep an eye on E2. It was close to 6 months before mine elevated and needed an AI.

You might need more hCG to support your testes. But 100iu ED might work well.

Is 150iu ED too much?

Prob ok. Most on here are close to 800-1000 iu per week.

I tried test but gave me praipism twice so i stopped now i am taking hcg500 iu e3d and hmg75iu twice i have aromasin i take quater every week but even this much supress my estro but after 6 to 8 days i start getting bloated and puffy nipples i was thinking of trying hcg eod or ed low dose is better what u guys say i also have proviron on my hand and i some times use it and vitamin e and i want to get my wife preg so but this protocol looks good i will try it any suggestions on hcg mono threapy as its ups amd downs for me in libido and over all

So after your second shot, you determined, that you felt much better on a more frequent schedule?

I don’t know what that is. Be careful with the proviron, it can be suppressive.

praipism is painful erection which dose not last for long time and i was also having a problem or spontaneous erections without any stimulation or anything

That goes away eventually. My dick felt like it was going to split down the middle when i first got on TRT. I just assumed it was the tissue getting stretched back out to its full potential. The spontaneous erections stoped for the most part also.