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Hcg E3D, E4D or...?


Somebody recommend hcg 500iu e3d,e4d or 3xweek....whats difference?whats better?


[quote]rickbarbosi wrote:
Somebody recommend hcg 500iu e3d,e4d or 3xweek…whats difference?whats better?

It depends on if you are using HCG alone or with testosterone and how you respond to it.

Did your doctor prescribe it? If so, what dose did he prescribe?

I use 100 mg test cyp per week with HCG 500 IU twice per week on Monday and Friday (which comes out to every three or four days).

I’ve also heard of some guys on T and in studies that take doses of 250 or 500 tree times per week. Again, it depends on how one responds (subjective feelings, fertility, lab values).

When I was on HCG monotherapy I took 3000 IU three times per week.

I think people are making this shit way too damn complicated, as if they are going to tune medicine dosing frequency so fine and as if they are going to even feel negligible changes in hormones throughout the week.


I will use with steroid cycle…


I and many others use during cycle @ 250iu 2x per week.

If you use it as part of your PCT plan doses increase but duration decreases; 2000iu ed for 10 days etc.

Doses vary depending on mg of gear used. But for most “sensible cycles” 250iu 2x per week is plenty.