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HCG E2 Spike Anxiety


Can i be a overresponder or sensitive to hcg , twice i have inj 250iu and next day i seem to be tense and have a little anxiety, can it spike estrogen that fast? im taking 200mg cyp every 5 days on 4th week. adex .25 tab eod and hcg 2x weekly @ .250iu should i just shoot hcg once @ 250 iu and take adex same day. thx bolo


You may have stressed adrenals.


That's a pretty high dose of T - roughly 2x the normal starting dose.


damn brain fog ! yeah im thinkin thats what 435mg weekly .and im taking .25 eod adex just enough for 100mg test weelky. so my e2 is prolly higher than bob marley at this point. took adex today and took 100mg t , guess i could test e2 friday morning.swith to 100mg every 5 days. adex at 1.5 mg maybee.


e2 back @ 50


T dose is way high. You're basically doing 300mg a week. That's cycle level. HCG dose, in my opinion, is also way high. I've reduced mine to 100iu a week in one injection with zero issues. I've been on that dose for more than a year. At 100iu a week my E2 is very manageable. Before at 250iu twice a week plus 100mg of T cyp E2 went wild and was not manageable with Adex at any dose.


thanks for the replys ...but ive been wrong the whole time..i was told b4 i came here, b4 i started trt, to test my estrogen and testosterone...ok, so i order a total testosterone lab and TOTAL ESTROGEN...so my labs came back tt 206 and (total estrogen )at 67..after KSMAN caught my mistake today i shit myself..5 weeks in and 2 total estrogen test later 94 $ spent..i dont have a clue what my E2 is..so i have cut my test down to 100mg every 5 days last week and on my next dose will lower it some more..i went back and ordered the estradiol test and will test tomorrow..holy shit , i never bothered to question it.. my mind blended e2, estrogen , and total estrogen all togather ive read those words so many times..and as fuzzy as my head is if ksman didnt catch it, i would have kept on dosing adex for an estrogen level that i was totally wrong about.


Don't beat yourself up, this stuff is complicated. I learn something new about it every day and will never be done. Hope you get yourself in order! This takes a lot of experimentation. I'm still tweaking my protocol 6 months later...


Your labs need to be after a steady period of time on a protocol. You cannot switch and test! Wait 3 weeks at least.


Any guesses on my E2 levels ? high or low .I need to take adex at some dose for the next 3 weeks. Is there a relationship between Total Estrogen and E2..? do the hover close to each other, as if one is high the other should follow , or are they not really related in that way.