HCG During Test E 250 Cycle?

What are the benefits of using HCG during a test cycle?

It will keep your balls from shrinking and shutting down (for most people). Basically, when you start your SERM PCT, it should be an easier recovery.

If I was cycling (not blast and cruise), I would just run it for 3 weeks in between the Test and the SERM PCT. IME, it works pretty fast. I think doing 500 iu EOD during that period, would have them up to full size, and producing Testosterone. You would still be shut down in a secondary sense (you wouldn’t have LH or FSH in enough quantity to signal the balls), so you would still want the SERM PCT.

Do you take HCG or you let your balls crawl inside you and die already?

I have some on hand, but haven’t used any in over a year. My nuts have not shrunk all that much, maybe 15%.

I guess, I plan to stay on Test, and if I want kids, I’ll start it then. It can take a while to regain fertility if it is lost, but trying for 6 months is a win in my book.

Rich Piana had a saying for those worrying about their balls shrinking. Something like smaller balls make the dick look bigger.

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I dont care about shrinking as much as them hanging less and sometimes crawling inside, which is just funny and ruins blowjobs…
HCG doesnt help with shrinking for me - its minor anyways, but it kinda makes em hang a bit lower and look more natural :smiley:

edit - doesnt help with semen volume also, which is sad… i kind dont like having so little amount, but it has been like that for 10 years imo.

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This one is actually important to me. I think more volume makes cumming feel better. I have considered adding it back in for that purpose.

HCG does not do this for me… i have tried huge doses also… i have tried lots of stuff - nothing works… :frowning:

Have you tried HMG or FSH yet?

HCG is an analog to LH, which stimulates the testis to produce testosterone, FSH is what the body uses to stimulate sperm production. HMG is like HCG and FSH combined.

Have never neared of it so it probably doesnt exist around here.

So is the only benefit to keep the balls from shrinking? Does it do anything else during a test cycle?

@mnben87 gave an answer to this in his first reply to you…

It keeps your testes functioning, basically at idle, instead of letting them shut down completely. There are various downstream benefits to your body still producing testosterone—albeit in tiny amounts—while on cycle. If you can preserve a natural process while doing something otherwise unnatural you should always strive to do so. That it’s so cheap is another benefit that’s overlooked. For how little you pay you get a lot of upside without a shred of downside.

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Thank you. That’s what I was looking for. Just was curious if it did anything else besides keep everything normal looking and at idle, as you said. It was more of curiosity, I was still going to incorporate it into my test cycle 3 times a
week just to keep everything normal looking.