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HCG During or End of Cycle

I’ve read articles on both sides just looking for some help. I was gonna run it 250iu 2x per week during my cycle any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Tren e 400mg week
Test e 600mg week
Eq 400mg week all for 14 weeks
Test prop for 100mg eod for week 15-16
Start PCT week after last inject

Nolva 40/40/30/20
Adex on hand as needed

I personally feel that it should be used a few weeks before your cycle ends. Cause then you’ll get the testicular hypertrophy needed before your pct and at the same time you won’t be taking it for too long so your leydig cells will probably not deal with desensitization

Awesome thank you. How many iu’s and for how long would you recommend