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HCG - During Cycle


Hi there everyone.

Still pretty much a newbie AAS user here but learning slowly.

Ive done and have been told its good to do HCG while on a cycle instead of hitting it hard near the end of the cycle before doing PCT. However, ive read that HCG generally should not exceed 3 weeks as a rule. Now, Ive also read of guys doing HCG throughout their cycles (10 - 12 even 16 weeks) at lower dosages. Is this the norm or should one stick to the 3 week rule?

sorry if this is a dumb question.



It's becoming standard protocol in TRT to dose HCG all the time, just as we dose T all the time. HCG keeps the boys functioning (to some degree at least) while you're on. I don't see any good reason not to use it your whole cycle--if you can keep some endogenous production while you're on, it would make your PCT a whole lot easier.


Sounds logical reidnez but what about leydic cell desensitization? Im guessing that only happens with higher dosages?

Ive heard of HCG being used for anti-aging purposes but not sure if its used over a longer period or cycled.


You don't generally cycle anything in anti-aging or T replacement, you take continuous moderate doses. You're correct that high dosages are the issue with desensitization, not length of use.

Some men do "HCG-only" therapy and some have good results with it, some it doesn't work at all. But high dosages of HCG are a definite no-no.


true true

you know the funny thing is that when i was on the sustanon cycle my nuts remained intact until i started PCT and then suddenly things went south for the winter lol