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HCG During Cycle or After?

Hey guys, first cycle running 500mg test a week, I’ve got all the kit I need but I’m sort of having a debate with someone currently, I plan to use hcg during cycle, he plans on not using it untill after? What do you guys think? Obviously if i use it during surely the time for my natural test production to come back will be shorter?

Using it during is advised for those on trt who want to maintain some testicular function. For a cycle it isn’t strictly necessary. But it’s cheap, and the downside is quite limited, so I say use it during. Some guys take it between cycle and pct and swear by it. I cannot comment on that because I have never used it that way.


i am using during cycle

it is coming to me more logical to use during cycle

but it seems like there are both side of people

some uses in cycle some uses after cycle before pct

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