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HCG Drops vs Injection?


Hi guys ,
i saw HCG in oral form and was wondering if it was as effective as the injection solution ?
Thanks for the help.


I am fairly certain HCG drops are bunk created by the "HCG Diet" industry.


and i am 100% certain you are 100% correct ... nothing like fat women for selling a worthless product


Oh hi, try the search function, kthx.


Did that , but nobody realy came forward to say "i tyried it and it's useless", but , to me it "looks" like a useless product ...


I've never tried it but what would be the point? Injecting HCG 100% works and is basically painless so why go an oral route? Sounds like BS to me.


Look at the ingredients, it's basically just amino acids and then it includes a diet that you MUST follow for it to be effective and it's extremely low calorie. Obviously, anyone who follows that diet will lose weight but it is NOT real hcg.


HCG Is only usable in inject form by the body,and real HCG is a band of 'proteins' *at least what my studies told me..


Do you get the real hcg from prescription then or?


you can get real HCG all over the internet ,do not fall for sprays..drops..pills..only inject works..


Cool. Thanks. What can I expect from using it?


LH stimulation.