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HCG Dosing Opinions EQ/Test

39 yrs old
Lifting weights for 25 yrs.

Hey all. I’ve finalized my long awaited cycle, and I’d like some consensus on when to run HCG. My cycle is as follows:

Weeks 1-2
Test Prop-75mg EOD
Weeks 1-15
Test E-100mg 2x/week
Weeks 1-15
EQ-400mg 2x/week
Week 1-15
Arim .25mg/EOD
Week 8-12
Var 1/ED
Week 18-19
Nolv 40mg/day
Week 20-21
Nolv 20mg/day

From my research, it seems the best way to avoid shutdown would be 250iu 2x/week. My question is what week should I start and end the HCG?

If anyone’s weirded out by my cycle plan, I’ll explain. I’ve increased the amount of the more anabolic compound (EQ) and kept the test at a relatively low dose to keep the aromitzation and androgenic side effects to a min. I’m prone to MPB and acne. I will note (thanks to physiologic’s very helpful and insightful posts), I plan on watching my E2 closely. Based on the low aromitization of EQ and the dose of test being pretty low, based on how I feel, I may opt to cut out the Adex.

Anyone? Anything?

hi… you can see if your are getting bad sides by looking at FSH and LH lab. But I think you’re not going to do it, so… you can start HCG right in the start of the cycle, first week. If you’re going to shut down (genetics), this is going to happen right after the first shot, so…
The amount you are going to use is OK, 250 2x/ 3x per week… don’t over do it! Your balls are used to work with a amount of LH and FHS, when introducing exogenous LH you’re going to mimic him. Don’t super stimulate your leydig cells using shots of 1000, 2000, 5000… I see a lot of this shit… several studies has shown that we need 250iu 2 or 3 max per week to keep it working. But when you stop using steroids, you’ll need to restore your HPTA, HCG mimic LH, ok, but your system need to start producing by it self, so you’ll need to use some CLOMID. Clomid after the cycle! Clomid causes your hypothalamus not to understand exactly the amount of testosterone and estrogen and thus leaves hypo kinda blind, causing it to signal to re-produce FSH and LH. OK?

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