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HCG Dosing On Cycle


Hey everyone, im going to be embarking on my first AAS cycle in about 2 weeks. I have all the gear needed and then some. My question would be that what i have noticed with me is i get shut down real easily even from the pro hormones i have used in the past. My question would be for an 8 possibly 10 week test E cycle (500 mg per week with D bol kick start first 4 weeks) would i be able to use hcg last 2 weeks on cycle to get the boys working again? I would use 500iu on mondays and thursdays. Thats when i inject the test e anyways for conveniency. Then follow a two week stasis period and follow that up with proper PCT therapy (nolva and clomid).

does it look ok, ive heard people on other forums say 500iu 3 times per week but ive also heard as far as hcg goes more is definitely not better that is why i was deciding on this approach. any input would be greatly appreciated.


Use HCG your whole cycle. Why get shut down in the first place if you don't have to? Your boys produce other important hormones besides Test, and these can get shut down as well. I use HCG continuously as part of TRT. It's good stuff, I feel better on it and I feel better not having raisins in my jeans...

250iu 3x/wk, more or less, is the standard dose. 500 probably won't give you any additional benefit. I don't believe it is dependent on your cycle...shutdown is shutdown. You just need enough HCG to keep the testes awake.