HCG Dosing Help

I guess 5 years of engineering school was all for not… need someone to help me check my math on my dosage please.

I am using a solution of 4,166IU per mL (I diluted 5,000IU HCG into 1mL, but total liquid was 1.2mL, hence why the concration is under 5,000). After my math, I got a number of .02mL for EOD injection… seems like a tiny, tiny amount though. This is 83.3IU per pin. This is based on 250IU per week as suggested. I’m usuing a slin pin of .5mL, so .02 is just two graduations up.



I believe the typical dose is 250iu every three days(E3D) ~750iu weekly. I take 150iu EOD or ~600iu weekly.

do they have needles with gradients that small? I take .75ml and that is hard to dose because the needle only has .1 increments.

can you dilute more to get more volume?

10ml for 10,000iu is pretty standard.

guess I could have read your whole post. if your needle works for you then great. I always worry about the wasted space that some needles have especially since I am on EOD shots for Test and for HCG.

Thank for the reminder that I should be at 250IU EOD or E3D instead of weekly… I have this written down, just totally got lost in the math. So, I will triple the amount I need to pin to .06 which will be much easier to see in the syringe.

I see what you are saying as far as “wasted space” but a single shot syringe is a single shot, regardless of what load you put in it… so, as long as you know your concentration there is no need to increase volume just to be able to fill up the syringe with more liquid.

It would be nice to be able to put both the HCG and test in one pin. I know some AAS for mass guys do this. I don’t see an issue with it, except that when I load it I always draw in more than I need then slowly push out any voids. I don’t know how they could do that with two different compounds without ending up with the wrong dose or with voids.


250iu EOD, not per week

(250/5000) * 1.2ml [120iu] = .06ml [6iu]

If you mix hCG and oil, you will get some hCG sequestered in oil that will degrade before it is absorbed.

Thank you - my HCG needs were off, once I figured in the 250IU EOD, I also got the .06. I was interested in trying to combine the shots since the .06mL is so tiny.

Are you saying the oil will degrade (breakdown) the hcg in part? How does this happen since they do not “mix?”

Remember that hCG needs to be refrigerated. If it is hung up in oil, it will not get absorbed for a while and will be held warm. Interaction with the oil is not the issue.

se·ques·ter (s-kwstr)
v. se·ques·tered, se·ques·ter·ing, se·ques·ters

  1. To cause to withdraw into seclusion.
  2. To remove or set apart; segregate. See Synonyms at isolate.