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HCG Dosing and Timing?

Hi all,

First post here so a big hello to the T-nation community! A few questions about HCG I haven’t managed to find the answers to. Some context first, I intend to use HCG on my third cycle (I didn’t use it previously) at 500iu PW split into two shots of 250iu on the same says I inject Test E, as you know a long acting ester.

So cycle looks like:

Main Cycle (15 weeks)

750mg Test e weeks 1-15
30mg Dbol weeks 1-4
0.5mg EOD weeks 1-4
1mg EOD Adex Weeks 5-15
0.5mg E3D Adex weeks 16-20
500iu HCG weeks 1-15*

(2 week gap due to long ester)

PCT (6 weeks)

50mg Clomd 18-20
40mg Nolva 18-20
25mg Clomid 21-23
20mg Nolva 21-23

Questions are as follows:

  1. Is this dosing schedule for HCG correct i.e. I start it form week 1?
  2. Do I need to take into account the longer ester of test e and it longer than the 15
    weeks currently pencilled in?
  3. Adex as you can see is relatively high but I thought due to HCG and aromatising
    compounds this would be prudent?

Many Thanks!

Many things here are not ideal. First I would consider running your oral toward the end of the cycle when you tend to gas out. I know the ole’ school kick starter is done a lot but I find people get disheartened when the dbol phases out and they lose weight or cease scale gains mid cycle. Second, that dosage of adex is overkill IMO. That’s a shit ton even for high test / dbol. Consider cutting it back and only adding more with symptoms.

The HCG is fine to run during cycle but you want to keep running it up to your PCT. Speaking of your PCT timing is off. 3.5 weeks following your last test injection is best. Use only the Nolva, no need for two SERMs.

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Ok thank you for the quick response! I shall dial back adex to half my orginal given amounts and adjust dependant on symptons. Will remove Clomid from PCT and start the nolva 3.5 weeks after last pin as you’ve advised. Concerning the Dbol what about 4 weeks at beginning and 4 weeks at end haha?

You could. Some people do it. Generally speaking you want to keep your orals to the minimum amount of time possible. They mess with your lipids and raise your liver enzymes. Your dose is reasonable though and 4 weeks at each wouldn’t kill you. Actually a better idea if you were to do both would be to run your second phase dbol the last week of cycle and up to a week before your PCT. That well help you maintain your mass during the period your test tapers off.

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Ok I will change my cycle excel doc to reflect the changes you have suggested. Many thanks.