HCG Dose for Optimal Fertility; 4 Years into TRT

I’m four years into TRT, and my wife and I want to have our second child. I had a sperm test this spring, and it returned super-low values (sorry, I can’t seem to find the results; I will add this data if I find it).

When I notified my doctor that we wanted another kid, he added 500 IU of HCG 3X a week to my protocol. I had stopped taking HCG when we had our first son (2021).

We’ve now been trying for 2 months, but no luck so far. I know this may take time (I turned 32 today!), but I’m wondering if I should increase my HCG dose. 1,500/week looks a little bit low to me, given what I’ve seen on other threads. My wife would like to be pregnant by the end of 2023, though obviously you can’t always time such things up, especially with TRT in the picture.

Should I bump up the HCG dose or stay put and see what happens? I’m not looking for anything other than fertility, as I haven’t felt any different at various HCG doses.

I’d appreciate wisdom from the crowd, especially those who’ve leveraged HCG to conceive. Thank you in advance.

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Are you sure it’s you and not your wife this time around?

If you’re not testing, you’re guessing.

Maybe add some FSH.

I’ve considered that. Certainly could be her, though I think I’m the likelier candidate because she’s never touched hormones. Any tests in particular you think she should add?

How long would you give it on HCG before adding FSH? I’m open to it, but thought I read that it’s quite expensive.

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I’d stay the course for now. 1500 iu is going to stimulate your balls quite a bit (from what I recall, Defy said that over 500 iu EOD was not much more effective for increasing testosterone (diminishing returns past 500 iu EOD), I was doing HCG mono for awhile).

Of course, I am not an expert here. I’ve heard of very high amounts being used successfully. I’d add FSH if money isn’t an issue, or HMG as the budget option instead of increasing HCG if I wasn’t successful with your current dose of HCG.

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If you’ve been on hCG at least as long as the first time, add FSH if in 3-5 months still not pregnant.

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I’m not dismissing what others are saying here. But people are routinely seriously underestimating how much HCG is needed for fertility in some people on this board. I have two kids from taking 1,000 IU thrice per week with my 100 mg of T. And that was doctor prescribed, not me screwing with medication. 500 IU twice per week did not work.

My friend who wants a second kid who goes to my doc is taking 3,000 IU thrice per week for HCG monotherapy. That’s 9000 IU per week and there are men who used 10,000 IU per week.

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He might simply be able to get this done by the doc increasing the dose.

Was on TRT approx 5 years, started HCG at 1400 a week. Took about 4 months before we were pregnant. Was advised that it would take approx 3-6 months before i would be back up as far as fertile. I say give it a little more time before increasing dose, unless you are able to with no issues. But still, give it some time. You don’t just become fertile the second you start injecting HCG. Good luck! Also, make sure you are using gravity to your benefit, if you know what i mean.