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HCG Dose for Kickstart After TRT Layoff?


Due to cost I had to go off TRT. My last shot was about 5 weeks ago and my last HCG shot was about 8 weeks ago.

I was taking both once every 4 days, with low does of Adex and felt amazing before I came off. I had finally locked it in and well, life got in the way.

Just got my refills today and I'm wondering the best way to kickstart the boys would be with the HCG, was going to just do the test as I was.



Just start back up on your old protocol (or whatever your doctor recommends if it isnt retarded)...no need to overthink it...you're on TRT for life, its not a "cycle" where you have to concern yourself with such things...


Well good to hear my man, and thanks for taking the time to write. I did in fact take your advice and just got right back on the horse. Strangely even the smell of the alcohol swab made me want to work out.

As for my doc, well I seem to give him advice and tell him what I need, based on my own research and the gang here. He learns more from me sometimes, and loves hearing about what I have to say. I guess I'm lucky.

Back in the damn saddle again.

Thanks once more!