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HCG Dosage Safe?

relatively new to trt/hrt, i am currently on 500iu’s of hcg 2x’s weekly. So 1000 iu per week. Along with .9cc or 180mg test cyp. once per week. Had bloodwork done 6 weeks after starting treatment, and the bloodwork was done 4 and a half days after last test injection. T level was at 1069ng, and free test was at 319.4…taking an a.i., and estradial was at 27. Doctor said these numbers were ideal, but my question is, are my test levels too high to be safe to be on this dose year round? And is this hcg dosage also too high to be safe? I am a 35 yr old male in fantastic shape, am on trt because of low libido. Pre-treatment t level was 267. Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

From my understanding your levels are optimal. Yes safe. Estradial in the 20’s is perfect for most. Your HCG … that was the dose I started on. I cut it in half to two 250mg a week injections and saw no changes of any sort. I did not personally see anything wrong with a 1000mgs a week. But 500 got the job done just as well

thanks verne!..i plan on doing the same. Did you cut your hcg dose in half all at once, or slowly go down to 500 iu per week? Also, i take 0.5 mg anastrozole per day, for the first two days after my test injection. Do you think lowering my dose of hcg will have any effect on how much anastrozole i will need? I would like to keep my estradial right around where it is now, because ive heard bringing it too low can be just as bad as it being too high. Thanks again man!

I did it all at once. While that can slightly lower your testosterone levels it did not lower mine. E2, it could lower it. But with me it had no significant effect. I spit my testosterone shots to twice a week and take my HCG shots the same days. I also spit my anastrozole and take it with the shots.

I think you can lower your HCG (but you do not have to) and not have a big effect on your estradial. And no I do not think you would have any reason to change your anastrozole dose.

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thanks, i sure do appreciate it verne