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HCG Dosage for Testicle Size? Intranasal or Injection?

I have been on TRT for only a short period,
I take 1mg 10% testosterone 5% DHEA cream topically daily. applied mostly to testicles as it’s said it increases absorption.
0.1ml anastrazole mon, Wednesday, Friday
then complained that my testicles were shrinking
he sent me intranasal HCG 150iu per squirt.
He said take 2 squirts 300iu daily or 3 squirts ie 450 iu EOD, is this enough to reverse the shrinkage I have had. ? WOuld I be better off injecting it as intranasal would not have the full absorption

Injecting your nasal spray? Or getting HCG and then reconstituting it? Because if you’re thinking about injecting your spray then I would advise against it. It’s compounded with what I imagine is some sort of absorption enhancer, which I cannot imagine would be good if injected. It’s made for your nose. Use it that way.

Most eventually go on injections, transdermal absorb poorly. Why would you chose such a poor delivery system?

With creams you can’t swim, workout or go to bed without a shirt with others in bed. Why would you wish to cramp your lifestyle like this?

Ridiculous, never heard of spray HCG.

The cream I apply first thing AM and evening shower it gets washed off, so
bedtime is not a problem.
Your probably right about using IM, as opposed to intranasal, it’s just
that I can’t find any info about its absorption percentage. I know with
other intranasal products it’s a lower percentage.
I had no choice about carrier type (I/N v I/M) it’s just the way this
company do it, as as I’m on their trt whole regimen.
In any case if it was I/M how long does it normally take to restore
testicles to normal size?

You always have a choice in life, nobody is forcing you to do anything. As far as HCG everyone’s different.

Yes i have a choice, the point was I’ve paid a fixed fee for a set time
period with this firm. My choice is get it elsewhere and do my dough. I’ll
wait and see the results first.

That’s what we call a financial stratejacket, companies win you lose.

Just use what you’ve been prescribed. If the absorption rate is lower I doubt it is of clinical significance. You’re locked in with this for now so just use it as directed. Don’t overcomplicate things.

Ok thanks I will use it and hopefully get good results, it’s only been 4

I would ask your doctor to give you HCG injections subcantaneously and not IM. Never hurts to ask. Nasal spray is not effective delivery.

Hi Croatian
Thanks I will do that after my holidays, I’m doing part of it in Turkey I
believe I can get HCG cheap there so I might stock up.
And yes initially the HCG made my balls heaps bigger and a low hang , plus
I got regular short headaches from it, which to me verified it was working
well, half way through I have to double the intranasal dose to get the same
effect so I think the potency drops of in the fridge fairly fast