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HCG Dosage for PCT After 8 Week Test E Cycle?

So my friend reccomended me to do a pct starting with 5000iu hcg every 5 days total of 3 shots 15000iu and then nolva.I was on test e 400mg/week for 8 weeks. Is it a good pct or can it be dangerous injecting so much hcg?

That’s counter productive. You’ll need to “bridge” into pct. in other words allow the exogenous test to clear your system before attempting to restart. Put very simply your body won’t produce natural test if there is exogenous test present. You’ll need around 21-28 days to clear test e. I used to take either HCG or a short ester test or an oral during this period. After this you could run the nolva. In some instances preceded by clomid. Info is out there, do some googling.

So i made a plan. 1500 iu EOD 5 shots, then 1000 EOD 4 shots, 750iu EOD 3 shots and 500iu EOD 2 shots ending with one 250 iu shot.