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HCG Dosage During PCT?

got new source i now have access to HCG what dosages should be used coming off 12 week suppressive steroid cycle during a post cycle treatment.strong text

Use it prior to coming off, but not during pct, given the prospect of leading receptor downregulation from large doses and/or prolonged use, it’d be smarter to use between the washout period between last shot and PCT if using long esters. Otherwise if short esters perhaps the few weeks prior to the end.

Given HCG acts as an LH mimick, using while on pct is counterproductive, as the goal is to increase LH/FSH quickly, with the body continually sensing LH to be adequate, negative feedback loop with continue

okay washout week 2 weeks what you suggest
take ?

Are you asking what to take for pct?

no i take clomid and nolva and arimadex all ready but my dosages have increase and i want to add hcg this time around for a more extensive pct have no exeperience with dosing hcg or even using it to kickstart the body.

esters are enathate

took hcg in 4 doses over 2 weeks waiting for enanthate to leave my system followeed on with clomid nolva and adex for a while 12 weeks off now kept some muscle ready to go again