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HCG, Dosage, and First Cycle

I was wondering if this is a good cycle. I feel like it’s a pretty basic first testosterone cycle but I was mainly wondering of your guys’ advice on the HCG part. A lot of people argue for taking HCG during cycle or after a cycle but I’m in the minority that believe it should be used in the transitioning phase only.

week 1-10 250 mg of Test E 2x a week

week 1-10 1g of arimidex every 4 days (In case of sides)

Week 9-11 1000IU of HCG 2x a week

Week 12-13 40 mg of Nolva

Week 13-14 20mg of Nolva

Fuck yeah 1g of adex, youd wipe out yours and your wife/partners e2 with that dose (plus probably the rest of your street). They come in 1mg tabs, only use if you absolutely have to. The rest looks fine, blasting the hcg in the 2 weeks between last pin and pct is what I would do. Fuck running it for the whole cycle, that’s my opinion anyway.


I love anastrozole and use it often, in micro doses, when on my TRT protocol. But I don’t use it on my blasts.
I also use 800iu’s of HCG every week whether I am blasting or on TRT. The stuff is great. Helps my boys swinging with no pain. I am cut so I could care less about that side of it.
If this is your first cycle you really should consider seeing what 300mg/wk gets you. You can always do 500 next cycle. You might be surprised. At the end of week 12 start you anastrozole at .25mg/wk for 3 weeks. No need for more.
Do you plan to do a mini blood test post PCT? TT/FT/ E2/HCT/SHGB/LH/FSH?

in my current cycle (sustanon only 500mg per week) i am using hcg 2*250iu per week

i haven’t noticed any ball shrinkage

actually i feel like they are even bigger

That’s what hcg does…

i know that

he asks dosage usage and i have shared my experience

Just come across as you being surprised that your nads are bigger on hcg, that’s all. All g mate