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HCG Dosage After Deca


So I did a quick search on this site and didn't find any information relevant to my question.

I ran test and deca together. Stopped running deca after 8 weeks. Continued with the test for 12 weeks. Today is week 13. I've tapered the test down over 5 weeks. Right now running a tiny dose of 125mg per week.

I'm ready to start HCG but I dont know at what dose to run at. Some people say 1000/1000/500/500iu per week, split into 2 shots. Others say 500/500/250/250.

I'm the type of person who would rather run less of anything than more, as long as the lower dose is still effective. I've read that too much HCG can have the opposite effect and further suppress you.

The deca should be out of my system now, and my hormones have hopefully leveled out abit on these small test dosages.

What do you guys recommend?


Also should I run arimidex while on the hcg? I’ve read that if your natural test aromatizes into estrogen, your body will see the estrogen and assume it has enough testosterone, causing you to shutdown again.

I used it 0.25mg ED while on higher doses of test, but i stopped taking it when I started to taper


im sure the deca is still lingering, a lot of people underestimate how long it really does stay in the system, you could have ran your hcg at smaller dosages during the duration of your cycle up until pct, but since you didn’t do that you can blast it at the end of cycle, where you are now, just don’t run it during pct


For the last few weeks of deca I was only using 75mg twice per week. It’s now the 5th week of no deca at all, so im sure its not %100 out of my system, but still minimal enough that it shouldn’t cause any issues. I hope lol

Looking back I should have used a small amount of hcg throughout the cycle. But I didn’t. Thought it would be better to use now before PCT than not use it at all.

I started taking arimidex yesterday in preparation for the hcg. I’m just not sure how I should dose it.

Can you make a recommendation on which of the dosages I should use layed out in my first post?


honestly i don’t use the stuff so i don’t know, but if i had to guess i would say 1000 iu eod for a week or two, that’s just a guess though, im sure someone else will know


[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
honestly i don’t use the stuff so i don’t know, but if i had to guess i would say 1000 iu eod for a week or two, that’s just a guess though, im sure someone else will know [/quote]

that’s pretty much what I do. 5 doses of 1000iu has always been enough for me.


1000iu EOD for 5 days? wow haha that seems like alot! But if it worked for you

I find I am generally more sensitive to drugs than most other people. Even simple stuff like caffeine, I can’t drink more than a cup of coffee. 750mg of test was recommended to me by many ppl, I tried it and honestly hated it.

I may try 500iu for the first shot, see how that works. Then bump the shots up progressively, 750 then 1000.

I have Intervet HCG. Supposedly the solution that comes with it is not bac water, so it stings like hell for a few minutes after you shoot. Hopefully it still preserves it the same as bac water. I will refridgerate.

Thanks guys


I went ahead and did my first shot this morning. Was supposed to do 500iu, but got nervous looking at that much volume haha went for 400iu, Just a little less

The solution didn’t sting nowhere near as bad as some guys on other forums said it did.

All went well, but near the end of the day my gooch felt tender haha and tons of chaffing. Like i had a golf ball between my legs. Did a quick search and supposedly HCG can enlarge your prostate abit temporarily.

Gonna lower the dose to 250iu EOD, see how that goes. So far my nuts are lookin plump


you can inject IM as well if you don’t feel comfortable with the volume subq, just letting you know


So for an update on the Intervet HCG…

It is working great so far. Testicles are looking bigger than they ever have. Ill be using it for 2 more weeks, dropping the dosage down to 150iu EOD. Then 4 days off, then start my nolvadex protocol.

As for the solution sting. IT HURT VERY MUCH after my first shot haha to the point where I almost didnt want to finish my shots. But since the first one was very comfortable, I thought it might be related to the solution temperature being refridgerated.

So I’ve been warming up the vial abit in my hands before drawing into the syringe. The injection pain was no longer there. Put in back in the fridge immediately to preserve. Problem solved!


I’m trying to picture your cycle. Is this about right?
Week 1-7 test e 500mg/week
Week 8-12 test e dropping 75mg/week (425, 350, 275, 200, 125)
Week 1-5 deca 400mg/week
Week 6-8 deca 150mg/week

What kind of gains did you have with this cycle? Seems like a waste of gear to me. You started dropping your dose right when it would have started showing results. Deca should be run 12 weeks minimum.


w1 & 2- 750mg (something was making me feel sick so i dropped the dose)
w3-8 625mg
w9-10 500mg
w11-12 250mg
w13-14- 125mg

I regret doing this taper now ^ I was experimenting with dosages at the time, seeing how I felt.

w1 450mg
w2 nothing (I got a really bad case of “test flu” or something like that. Didnt know what it was. Since 450mg was a high dose, I took a week off before adding it back in)
w3-6 300mg
w7-8 150mg

This again was an experimental cycle. My whole life I’ve been very sensitive to drugs in general. So I wanted to stay on the lower end of doses, especially since deca can cause some complications. I adjusted dosages based on how I was feeling in the gym. 750mg of test was definitely too much for me, I feel the best on 500mg. Deca should have been run longer, I know, but I’ll do that in round 2 this winter. I plan on 150mg/week for 12 weeks. Run hcg from say week 4 on. Kickstart with some dbol maybe.