HCG Dosage Advice?

Planning out PCT but not sure on a dosage for HCG. I have sourced some but it’s measure in “iu” (International units?), does anyone have any advice on what’s required dosage-wise? The HCG I’ve sourced is supplied in 5000iu.


Nothing is required dosage wise for pct.

I suggest just using nolva.

Also In the future it’s best to have everything planned out and purchased before starting the cycle.

Thanks mate I have heard that from other people too but wanted to get some more advice.

Haven’t started the cycle yet, gonna purchase everything together soon just had the PCT to finalise.

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As stated we don’t use HCG during PCT. PCT is actually is trying to get our bodies to produce their own “HCG.” You can use it up to PCT just don’t overlap it with PCT, it would actually be counter productive.

There are two methods to HCG.
Current, use throughout your cycle to prevent shutdown during cycle.
Old school, blast it a couple of weeks right before PCT to get your ball back to producing testosterone, that way your PCT is only about getting the HPTA loop back up and running properly.

Without the HCG keeping your test production on or at least getting back on then PCT has to get your HPTA loop back up and on so that it can get your test production back on. Don’t freak out and think you HAVE to have HCG, plenty of guys don’t use it and just run a Nolvadex only PCT and have a perfectly uneventful recovery. The HCG just helps a bit because your body has been still producing its own test so PCT is just about getting the HPTA loop back on and managing natural test levels. The loop is how our bodies manage the test level, if it’s low then the loop says “more test production,” if it’s high the loop says “slow down production and let’s lower this level.”

During a cycle the whole process and the entire loop shutdown. Some guys just stop a cycle and within a few weeks the loop is back on without PCT drugs then the other half of guys have to have the drugs to help the loop and lastly there are the guys that never recover their loop. The guys that never recover the loop are few as in very few. Our bodies are pretty good at healing and repairing themselves. The recovery is almost similar to what a drug addict goes through after they quit drugs and their body is all out of wack from feeding it nothing but cocaine, meth or heroin for extended periods. With meth I believe it is the dopamine that the brain stops releasing so when the person stops they get very depressed until their brain can start producing and releasing dopamine again.