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HCG Does Keep E From Tanking w/Anastrozole?

I have been under taking anastrozole with my doc since last summer. He had me on half a pill EOD. I took 1/4 of a pill 3X week. My E was 96 as a high number taking nothing. It was around 50 on my protocol. The dr wanted me down to 25, because he was concerned with me bloating. I told him that I’m not holding water and I think the HCG is keeping my E up and that it also is keeping my T over range. I stopped the hcg for two week prior to recent lab. The dr wanted me taking a full anastrozole EOD. F’that! I took a fourth each day for 2 weeks. My labs came back with E at 14.3 range 8-35. T 882 range 264-916. The dr didn’t believe the HCG would bump up the T score.

With my E so low, my libido was gone! I read low libido is a symptom. I had very low energy as well.

Now that I have the labs out the way and some ammo for a conversation, I can adjust and move forward.

Are you considering staying off the HCG and lowering your dose of AI further? I’ve felt the best on T only with no AI or HCG but that’s just my experience.

I got back on the hcg (50 mg week), but I stopped the AI. I want to see how I feel off of AI. I don’t think I will have bloods for another 6 months.

I just wanted to chime in… read you’re profile description… SIX FOOT FIVE… WHAT