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HCG Divided in 1ml!?

Is it too little to dilute and divide the 5000iu hcg in 1ml then 20 doses of 250iu!?
I can’t seem to find bac water in my country.

Also, should I keep the solution in the mixture vial and draw each dose at the time of application or go ahead and prepare all the syringes and refrigerate?

Also, refrigerate or freeze?

I’ll be taking 250iu eod.


Or could I use saline instead!?

When i was young and dumber i used contact lens fluid, pretty much saline i guess. Adds a somewhat unpleasant sting… I mixed it to fit a 1ml insulin pin. Worked for me at least

1mL of what? You could use water but then it would be single dose. The BAC water is what allows it to hold up over time. Not sure how long it would last without that

Sorry. It only states physiological solution.
Could I make a solution of distilled water or saline with 2% benzyl alcohol?

There’s a veterinary hcg with a 5ml buffer solution. Would that be any good? I see many guys use that one here in Brazil. It’s slightly cheaper and much easier to buy.