HCG Discussion

People all the time speak of using HCG during cycle, i have put one dumb question, Suppression happens by two ways of action, excess estrogen or excess androgen (suppression also occurs with tren even when it really does not aromatize but supposedly due to higher levels of progestrone , prolactin or androgens ). So suppression by estrogen causes endogenous testosterone production to inhibit or reduce, HCG stimulates endogenous test production while exogenous testosterone in the system , and that will produce higher levels of estrogen . Now to combat that one would have to add greater amount of aromatase inhibitor,

One good scientifically explained reason, why do that ? why not just add HCG post androgen levels drop near to normal levels and keep aromatase inhibitor while doing HCG therapy.

You’re over thinking the whole thing. HCG does convert yes. But you should be running an AI on every cycle anyway so what does it matter? Adex is cheap so not sure why you would care about using more?

I would never cycle with out HCG and Adex personally.

I don’t know if this is a “good scientifically explained reason” since I don’t have references to back some of this up but here it is:

HGC mimics the effect of LH, stimulating the testes to produce testosterone, even during the cycle when they would normally stop because of the inhibition caused be exogenous testosterone and it’s subsequent conversion into estrogen (the latter can be lessened by the use of an AI but the high levels of circulating androgens would still inhibit the HPTA). It is taken during the cycle to keep the testes sensitive to LH/FSH. making recovery easier once androgen levels drop enough that the hypothalamus and pituitary may start producing GnRH, LH and FSH, a process further aided by the addition of SERMs during PCT. Aside from that, the testes also produce a variety of hormones other than testosterone that are necessary for proper function (DHEA, Pregnenelone, etc.) and ,while the adrenals also produce these hormones, it may be that this production is not enough to maintain optimal levels of these hormones or that the adrenals be put under additional stress to compensate for what the testes have ceased to produce. This last part is pure conjecture. So it may be wise to keep the testes themselves from shutting down.

Lastly, keeping ball size normal is appealing to some for psychological reasons.

My question applies for TRT purposes, and for those who blast & cruise and thus never come off: can we use HCG year round? As long it’s only sane, replacement levels, is there any need to cycle HCG or it’s better to be on it whenever on gear?