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HCG Cycle / Pre PCT Blast /PCT


There are a lot of conflicting opinions around on HCG and I am trying to get my head around them all for my upcoming cycle;

  1. HCG on cycle 500iu twice per week good for keeping natural test production going and stop testicular atrophy. Correct? If so this is how I will run it during cycle.

  2. HCG pre PCT blast, I have seen many conflicting things around this which is where I am undecided, could somebody please explain?
    (i) One way I have read this is come off the HCG at last Sustanon pin so during the two weeks prior to PCT they all make their way out of your system. My concern with this is will the testes get shut down during this two weeks?
    (ii) The other way I have read it is to continue with HCG up to the PCT to prevent gains being lost. My concern with this is won't HCG still be in your system as you start PCT which would be counter productive as per below?

  3. HCG during PCT seems to be a resounding NO as it is suppressive itself you would have to go through a second PCT afterwards. Correct?

If I am correct with 1 and 3 could somebody please explain 2 to me.



  1. I found 250iu 3x a week or EOD works better at keeping the atrophy away.

  2. I stop hcg 4-5 days before the start of pct.

  3. Yes, hcg is still suppressive and you don’t want that during pct.


I did respond to your other post on the other thread but thanks for responding anyway :slight_smile:

  1. Is that on fairly high dosing of test etc. or do you think I will still experience atrophy on my dosing with 500iu twice per week.

  2. so if I did cycle week 1-10 and pct 13-16 would you say hcg week 1-11?

  3. thank you for confirming


Buds nailed it. No need to change anything. Well, I like to use Prisoner “Test Stasis/Taper” protocol so I’d continue using HCG during the "stasis/ (100mg of test or test/masteron per week) . In a traditional PCT, do as Buds outlined it.

500iu of HCG twice a week is too much. The goal here is just to mimic normal levels. So how much AAS you use has nothing to do with the amount of HCG needed. No need to use too much as you can desensitize the testes, not something you want!


I do the same hcg protocol if I’m cruising or if I’m on a gram of test a week. As swd said, your just trying to mimic normal LH

Just run it 4-5 days before pct and you’ll be good


Cheers guys looks like I’m gonna have to bite the bullet with the sub q pins and do 250 3 x a week then any tips cause i don’t feel as confident with those as i do the IMs


Slin pins man, 1ml barrel , 1/2-5/8 needle, 29g or 30g are painless. Just pinch the fat around the naval or look up sub q injects. They are very very easy to do


I had the same apprehension, and it is indeed super easy.


Cool cheers so naval is belly button right so you pinch some fat like you would for skin fold and pin into it?


Ya, google sub q injections for pics and stuff


Ye i did looks horrible but seems like every one agrees its painless so gonna give it a go cheers mate :slight_smile: