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HCG/Clomid as HRT?

Doctor didnt want me to go on TRT so he said first try HCG or Clomid as a way to naturally boost my T levels. Will this work? If so, will there be any other drugs/vitamins I need to take to balance my other hormones etc due to the disruption caused by Clomid or HCG.

I am not sterile, and can still have kids, but the problem is, my quality of life has gone down since I went through an intense bout of depression and I haven’t recovered since. My T level, I had checked once at around age 19, was around 585 in the evening. Now my T levels are around 400 in the morning. My T has probably shot up to the high 500s since then due to intense weight training and supplements, but I still dont feel good. My focus, memory, desire, sleep and libido are still all down and I would like to fix this as this is all affecting my life.

Thanks all

With those levels id check free testosterone and estrogen levels before I would take anything to raise testosterone.