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HCG Causing Low Semen Volume

Hello guys,

I am 27, been on trt for 4 years due some psychological reasons, trt really saved my life.
But now I am starting HCG and HMG protocol as I wanna try to get my girl pregnant.

But for some reason when I bumped HCG from 500 iu to 1000 iu EOD my ejaculate volume lowered, when I bumped it to 2000 iu EOD it lowered even more, when I skipped HCG injection ejaculation volume increased, that makes me kinda afraid, as there is no literature about this.

Been on hcg for 4 weeks, couple days ago I added HMG.

Currently on

Test c 250 mg week
HCG 2000 iu EOD
HMG 100 iu EOD
Aanastr. 0,5 mg EOD

I Am going to decrease the HCG, but any idea what exactly could cause it?


Hows your prostate? Are you jacking off 3 times a day to see how much you get? Do you drink plenty of water? Coming off HCG for a week and then getting back on should give you a clearer answer. Also, get a sperm count analysis, thats what matters, not how much fluid you’re pumping out.

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That’s a fairly insane dosage of HCG. Who is prescribing that?

Prostate is fine, got that checked out, perhaps rising ai and drinking less could do some demage, but HCG even delayed the final process of my ejaculation, I feel there is some kind of “signal problem” maybe overstimulation.

But thanks for answer

Raising AI? I would stop using it completely. And give things time… this is why people fuck up and then blame it on everything but themselves.

I ment increasing it in past due to high e2 symptoms, I can tell, it did help, but could have had negative effect on this issue.

Will back up on ai and hcg and will see

Estrogen is your sex hormone. Don’t fuck with it.

Your are on hormones. Your body will never be the same as it was natural.

Is there a reason to worry about volume and you didn’t answer his question if you are jerking 3 x a day.

This is the opposite of what HCG does. Drink more water. Also, unless you have a semen analysis showing that you’ve got azoospermia then there’s no need for that much HCG.

You’re honestly on 4 different things that can all individually play havoc with sexuality and cause various sexual side effects. All 4 can also interact with each other in various ways. It will be difficult to iron out a cause.