HCG Causing Gyno?

Now, some of you may call bullshit, but I ask you to suspend disbelief for 5 minutes.

Are there any studies out there showing a correlation with HCG and Gyno, independent of E2?

I started TRT without the slightest bit of Gyno, but it’s slowly developed and is getting worse.

My labs over the past year. Testosterone is every 3.5 days. HCG every other day.

62.5mg T + 250 IU HCG - 821ng/dl T - <5pg/ml e2 (I crashed my e2 due to gyno scare)
62.5mg T + 150iu HCG - 721ng/dl T - 18.25pg/ml e2 (No AI)
75mg T + 125iu HCG - 780ng/dl T - 20.7pg/ml e2 (No AI)
75mg T + 70iu HCG - 650ng/dl T - 13pg/ml e2 (No AI)
250mg T + 70iu HCG - 3600ng/dl T - 18.25pg/ml (Cycle, so small AI dose)

As you can see, my e2 has always been under control.

My Gyno is 100% progressing. I’ve had people feel it, just to be sure I’m not going mad, and they’re also sure it’s gyno. I’ve used Ralox long term and it makes zero difference. I’ve reduced my HCG dose to what is considered a low dose.

I think I remember seeing a comment a while back about some talks of HCG receptors in breast tissue - an abnormality in some people.

I’m at a loss with what to do. I’m 25 so really don’t like the idea of not using it, as I’m unsure of future fertility goals. I also know it has other benefits outside of that. I’m going to cut it for a while and see what happens, but this isn’t ideal.

Does anyone know anything further on the topic, or have experience with this themselves? Appreciate any input.

  1. Prolactin can also cause gyno

  2. Does it feel like little painful lumps that are getting bigger, itchy?

  3. You might be able to switch to a SERM instead of the HCG (you’d have to do more research yourself on this one)

  4. You cant really go off what other people say, unless you were seeing a physician. There will be the painful BB sized lump that gradually gets bigger. If that sounds familiar, then you have an issue.

  5. Ralox did nothing? You said you did it long term, but you’ve only been on TRT a year. If ralox did nothing, maybe it was bunk, or possibly the issue isn’t E2, since ralox blocks e2 at the receptors.

There are a few forums where guys are discussing the differences between prolactin gyno and E gyno. Worth looking into.

Low DHT also predispose one to gyno.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m aware of Prolactin gyno, but my understanding is that it also requires e2 to be elevated somewhat for it to happen? I may be way off on this, but I’ll do further research and possibly test for Prolactin.

My Ralox was pharmaceutical grade, so definitely not bunk. You’re thinking along the same lines as me, in that this is not an e2 issue, so Ralox wouldn’t have any effect anyway.

I know you say I can’t go off what others say, but it’s really not hard to distinguish gyno when it actually is gyno. It’s exactly as you describe, little lumps/nodules, both round and slightly longer, scattered and branching out from the nipple.

I’m hesitant to remain on SERM’s lifelong - that can’t be good for your body. Do they not require a lack of exogenous T to produce any LH/FSH?

Once I have the funds, I wouldn’t hesitate to get surgery for this, so that’s an option, but it may be a long way away.

I know this is old, but I have the same issue recently, so I’m curious if you got it resolved.

200mg T a week + 3mg anastrizole keeps me at 937 TT & 11.6 e2 (not sensitive, so went down to 2mg A) Also prescribed 500iu HCG weekly in one shot, but after each shot I noticed small, painful growths under both nipples. Switched to 250iu twice a week, same response. 125iu EOD, same thing. Dropped HCG for 3 weeks, bumps & pain went away. Recently added HCG back in, one shot 500iu, boom, pain and bumps are back. Currently waiting for them to go away again.

Came across an article study showing LH receptors in breast tissue in some men, so regardless of e2 level, growth in breast tissue can happen with large pulses of LH. Since HCG mimics LH in our bodies, it could cause a direct effect on breast growth.

I’ve only seen the one study, but see lots of guys posting about this issue.

Sorry to hear man.

Actually just started a PCT because of this. Gyno was getting out of hand.