HCG causing atrophy?

I’ve tried Ferytigyn from Reliablerx, Amino asylum, and now Amino USA . All 3 haven’t increased the size of my boys. Fertigyn actually shrank my balls and stick even more. My test was 339 and E2 was 69.

You’re profoundly estrogen dominant!

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Interesting. I just bought some Aromasin from Amino asylum. You think that’ll lower my estrogen while I take HCG?

AI’s will effect E2 via aromatase, but AI’s cannot effect E2 produced inside the testicles. Sometimes you will hear men increasing the AI dose while on hCG monotherapy and their estrogen levels are unaffected.

So what are my options? Getting on trt?

Your mileage on hCG isn’t great, so TRT is the next step. TRT, you only aromatize via aromatase and don’t have E2 made inside the testes. I’m not saying you’re not going be estrogen dominant, just not as much on TRT.

You can even change the injection, frequency and dosage to dial-in the testosterone to estrogen ratios. Daily Cialis may help with that too, as daily Cialis is shown to change testosterone to estrogen ratios, lowering estrogen in relation to testosterone.

Sounds like garbage research chem nonsense.

Your natural levels are 339ng TT and 69pg e2? Are you super overweight? What’s the background here?

No, those aren’t my natural levels. I was on hormone therapy then I decided to quit.

How much HCG are you running?

If you run low amounts without Test, you could potentially be suppressing LH production. If LH goes down too much, and you are only using a little HCG, you could potentially produce less T, and have smaller nuts.

Should I use some test while on hcg?

Not if you’re trying to get off of Test. What is your goal? If you are trying to recover your primary testosterone / sperm production, HCG is a good option (although it will hinder your secondary recovery). Primary being your balls, secondary being your pituitary and hypothalamus. If you are trying to recover your primary function (which is what I think I’ve gathered), HCG is a good option, but dosing and frequency need to be considered to have a good outcome.

Alright. Should i increase my dose of hcg? Last time i did it just made everything worse.

What are you currently taking? IU per shot, and shot frequency?

250ui eod.

That’s absurdly low, no wonder you’re not getting good Test numbers.

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When i tried hcg the first time last year that dose increased my size. How much do you recommend I take?

It’s time for TRT my friend. You’ll be having to deal with estrogen dominance on hCG.

That is a bit low for HCG mono therapy. I think double that for your goals is a good start. Much more than that, and I think you will see diminishing returns (500 iu EoD should get you close to saturation levels) for your goals. I personally wouldn’t go more than 750 iu EoD as a ceiling for what I’d dose at.

I took another 250ui. My stick and nuts have shrunk. I need an AI.

Be careful with AIs. They are stronger than most people think.