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HCG Boosts Libido. No HCG, Lower Libido. Anyone Else?

Hi all,
I have been taking trt at around 250 per week and i notice whenever i don’t take hcg, my libido is even lower than before hcg but if i take hcg, i have crazy high libido for at least 2-3 days.
Can anyone relate to this?

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What’s your protocol? Also, 250/w is pretty much above the cutoff for trt and pretty much in permablast territory.

I am now more around 150-200 per week,
anyways trt alone if estrogen is in check should be enough to have high libido right? in any case, i am continuing hcg because i have a much higher sex drive on it… let me know if you can relate

I find that HCG increases my libido, almost to the point of being irritating. I don’t use nearly as much as I am prescribed because, for me at least, less is more.

I plan to add a low dose of HCG to my test (30mg subq daily) for this reason along with preserving fertility. I was thinking 250mg twice per week based on what I’ve read is a good minimal dosage to start since my test dosage is also minimal. It has only been two weeks thus far on test, but I have only positives with daily test subq…except my libido is down 50ish% and keeping an erection is 50ish% down. I’ve heard for many that libido kicks in later after starting test, so I am not worried. I was planning to add HCG anyway for fertility purposes, but this seems like an added plus. I just hope I am one of the guys that feels better overall on HCG and not worse on it. I will let you if libido was boosted with the addition on HCG once I start.

I started Pregnyl 5 days ago. First day 200iu and then 50iu daily. This will be only 350iu per week which is on the low side, but I like to start low and then increase if needed. So far, I only notice a small increase in libido, but that may be due to not enough time so far with only 5 days or because of lower dosage. How long did it take to notice the change in libido once you started HCG?

To follow up, I am 10 days into HCG (Pregnyl) and the libido and erection strength is back up to 80-90% of baseline (started 30mg test depo daily subq injections about 3.5 weeks ago). Also, I increased the HCG slightly to 60iu daily subq injections (now 420 weekly) 3 days ago at the start of week two.
I did notice being a little more flushed especially around the face, being slightly more fatigued, and my muscle recovery time seems to have lengthened with the addition of HCG. I figured my E2 probably went up, so I added a very low dose of 1.5mg aromasin (1/16 pill) daily when I inject the test and HCG which seems to have helped.

absolutely i noticed increase drive from hcg

Weird. I’ve been the opposite… I wish it helped but it just makes me feel like crap

old thread I know but I was doing research on what “feeling like crap” means in the context of hCG. What are people experiencing exactly that they describe as crap?