HCG Boosts Libido. No HCG, Lower Libido. Anyone Else?

Hi all,
I have been taking trt at around 250 per week and i notice whenever i don’t take hcg, my libido is even lower than before hcg but if i take hcg, i have crazy high libido for at least 2-3 days.
Can anyone relate to this?

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What’s your protocol? Also, 250/w is pretty much above the cutoff for trt and pretty much in permablast territory.

I am now more around 150-200 per week,
anyways trt alone if estrogen is in check should be enough to have high libido right? in any case, i am continuing hcg because i have a much higher sex drive on it… let me know if you can relate

I find that HCG increases my libido, almost to the point of being irritating. I don’t use nearly as much as I am prescribed because, for me at least, less is more.

I plan to add a low dose of HCG to my test (30mg subq daily) for this reason along with preserving fertility. I was thinking 250mg twice per week based on what I’ve read is a good minimal dosage to start since my test dosage is also minimal. It has only been two weeks thus far on test, but I have only positives with daily test subq…except my libido is down 50ish% and keeping an erection is 50ish% down. I’ve heard for many that libido kicks in later after starting test, so I am not worried. I was planning to add HCG anyway for fertility purposes, but this seems like an added plus. I just hope I am one of the guys that feels better overall on HCG and not worse on it. I will let you if libido was boosted with the addition on HCG once I start.

I started Pregnyl 5 days ago. First day 200iu and then 50iu daily. This will be only 350iu per week which is on the low side, but I like to start low and then increase if needed. So far, I only notice a small increase in libido, but that may be due to not enough time so far with only 5 days or because of lower dosage. How long did it take to notice the change in libido once you started HCG?

To follow up, I am 10 days into HCG (Pregnyl) and the libido and erection strength is back up to 80-90% of baseline (started 30mg test depo daily subq injections about 3.5 weeks ago). Also, I increased the HCG slightly to 60iu daily subq injections (now 420 weekly) 3 days ago at the start of week two.
I did notice being a little more flushed especially around the face, being slightly more fatigued, and my muscle recovery time seems to have lengthened with the addition of HCG. I figured my E2 probably went up, so I added a very low dose of 1.5mg aromasin (1/16 pill) daily when I inject the test and HCG which seems to have helped.

absolutely i noticed increase drive from hcg

Weird. I’ve been the opposite… I wish it helped but it just makes me feel like crap

old thread I know but I was doing research on what “feeling like crap” means in the context of hCG. What are people experiencing exactly that they describe as crap?

I’ve been poring over the HCG threads on here for a few weeks.

I’m 18 months in to TRT with vastly improved sleep, improved body composition and strength, but still meh libido and poor erection quality (compared to 3-4 years ago prior to whatever hormonal shift I went through that spiked SHBG and lowered free T).

My free T and DHEA are dialed in at this point. My progesterone and estrogen are the only apparent hormonal outliers (both quite low).

I’ve got a script for HCG and am hoping for a progesterone and estrogen bump and resultant improvement in sexual symptoms.

Is the going theory that HCG improving sexual symptoms vs. making someone feel worse is likely rooted in their estrogen? For dudes with low estrogen it may help but if your estrogen is already high or you aromatise a lot it may make you feel worse?

Or is it that HCG’s sexual symptom effects are indirect and result from a testosterone boost from kickstarting the boys again?

I don’t think anyone knows why. Even my urologist doesn’t know exactly why HCG helps sexual function. He only has anecdotal reports from patients.

I don’t think it’s because of its effect on the tested. My sex drive on Androgel in the aughts was crazy and I did not use HCG,

Dude mine was too. The first two weeks on Androgel with no HCG and no AI was the most intenst libido & erections of my life. What happened after that first two weeks for it to calm down, I still do not understand and that was like 10 years ago. I’m guessing E2 caught up with me bc I kept using more Androgel lol. I started with 50mg a day, then went to 100mg per day, then started putting it on higher absorption spots. I would love to go back and find that sweet spot again. As for the OP post, HCG seems to make my libido and EQ both tank. I think it may have to do with whether the user needs more E2 or less. If someone is typically low E2, maybe it boosts it and improves libido. For me, it does the opposite so I take as little as possible.

Haha! I had to stop using Testim or Androgel when my wife and I started living together because she was absorbing it, regardless of time of day I used either. I don’t like sharing details about sex but let’s just say using either or those was crazy! :grinning: