HCG Bloodwork 1 Month In: TT Up, E2 Cut in Half

My latest labs after finally starting HCG 250iu x 3 added to my regular 40mg x 2 test E (80mg per week).

Going well, definitely solving a host of sexual sides from mono TRT that drew me to this site, but confused as to why my bloodwork is showing a significant E2 drop after starting the HCG. I understand E2 isn’t exactly a sensitive test, or one that should be obsessed over, but my results are always fairly consistent, never a drop like this before.

Converted to standard, my lab’s units and ranges in brackets. 30 Days into HCG. Drawn in the trough.

TT = 685.9 NG/DL (23.8 nmol/l 8.4 - 28.8)
FT = 182 PG/ML (632 pmol/l 196 - 636)
E2 = 13.1 PG/ML (48 pmol/l <162)

Over my last 5 blood tests, E2 has consistently been between 26 and 32 pg (96 and 120pmol), the last one being 26.2pg on 2 doses of T per week (for approx 6 weeks since switching from x1 IM per week). I do not have a baseline for E2.

Does this make sense? HCG produces more test naturally, verified by it raising my TT to 685 from 500, so why is it not converting that to E2? Furthermore, why is it lowering my E2 overall?

The sensitive E2 test is more prone to errors whereas the non-sensitive isn’t, unless of course you have an elevation in C-reactive proteins.

I have read that about the E2 test, maybe this one is indeed off. But I do seem to ‘feel’ like E2 isn’t as high as it once was since starting the HCG. At times, some anxiety/worry, bit of restlessness, harder to calm, that sort of jam. Bit longer to get the heart rate back down after some cardio too. I don’t honestly know if all that’s E2 related, but the only lab values that are substantially different were E2 and an elevated hematocrit (borderline out of range for the first time). The raised hematocrit was going to be my next HCG question lol.

Shit, it’s weird enough nobody knows. LOL. I look forward to my next bloodwork, maybe a fluke.

Was the same assay used for the last two blood tests?

As far as HCT goes this is kind of an easy one. You’re on testosterone. Eventually you can end up with elevated levels. That it didn’t happen before does not preclude it from happening now. Mine was ok the first year of trt and then all of the sudden it started to really accelerate the pace at which it increased. That was after I had decreased my dose. Some of this stuff ends up being counterintuitive. And yes, it is unbelievably annoying that things don’t always operate in a linear fashion, because that would be so much easier to understand.

I wouldn’t know, the lab isn’t specifying the type of test for E2. It doesn’t say they used anything different however.

Post the lab work, please.

Screen shot or the rest of it?

Screen shot is fine. Make sure to cut out any identifying info, obviously. But I want to see the full hormone panel. Long shot chance that it includes the data I’m looking for.