HCG at Week 7 of 10-Week Cycle?

My Cycle
500mg TEST E Weekly - 250mg twice a week for 10 weeks (week 1-10)
50mg Anavar a day- 25mg twice a day for 5 weeks (week 5-10)
.25mg Adex every other day (week 1-10)

Currently on the start of week 6. I originally wanted to run HCG from week 7 until PCT. I know there is a lot of conflicting information on when/if/how to run HCG but i chose to run it from week 7 until PCT. NOW heres the problem i wanted advice on. I now have a 10 day trip out of the country scheduled the day after my last injection (end of week 10 cycle). Im wondering if its okay to start taking HCG at week 7 then take a 10 day break from HCG and continue to pin when i get back home? OR should i not take the HCG until i get back and run it until i start PCT?

(side note im taking my adex in a vitamin bottle so i will have e under control. Taking HCG will be to risky. with the needles and having to keep in in a fridge. it just wont work.)

Thanks Boys and Girls

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Do you know what HCG does?

You’re not going to die if you don’t use it for 10 days. Many, many people don’t even use HCG at all

500iu twice a week. I know I won’t die. I’m just looking to optimize my results. Run everything the best way I can.

Run it how you planned, go on your trip, start pct as you normally would after you get home. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Question: why would you be taking adex with you if your trip is after your cycle ends?

Adex Until the ester leaves

And that, folks, is your guide on how to effectively crash e2.

Can you tell me why I shouldn’t do that?

Because unless you’re calculating precisely how much test is left, at what rate it is releasing, and then matching your AI dosage accordingly (which means you’d need to know exactly how much adex is needed for say a release of 20mg over two days) then you will undoubtedly overdose and crash e2. It’s much better to let the test half lives dissipate and allow yourself to return to an unaltered state before starting pct. After you’re finished administering test you’re going to start dropping off, right? At what point is the test being released low enough to not warrant an AI? Hell, I just finished a blast and took zero AI for the second half of it because I just didn’t need it. If you’re six days past your last pin there is no way you’ll still need an AI. At that point you’ll be around the same level of testosterone released from a typical trt protocol.

Crashing e2 is easy. Crashing e2 while going into pct is even easier. Getting it back up after a cycle is much, much harder. You don’t want that to be how you roll into the next month of misery while you try to restart things.

Thank you for the information. Makes since I will do that